Andy Polo left her house and insured that she has a house in EE.UU: “They have a permanent residence”

Andy Polo makes sure he doesn’t give up on his hijos. (Photo: Instagram)

Andy Polo decision to denounce the place of denunciation of physical aggression, abandonment and infidelity on the part of his wife Genesis Alarcón from the past 08 of February on national television. The footballer publishes an extended communication with all accusations.

The sportsman commented that the mother of his boys was just looking for 60% of the players who played with the Timbers player, who was suspended from the MLS, and that the corresponding investments were made.

Assimism, which has been abandoned to its homes, can ensure that they live in the United States and live in a house where they live. This is the name of Alarcón señalara, who, when he returned to the American land, said that the footballer had a job in the house and that he could live in the department of Miraflores. By the way, we are living in Barrios Altos donde duerme en sillón en la casa de un familiar.

“The mother of my children affirms my abandonment in Peru and she and my men of heaven, cultivating what they live in the permanent residence of the United States of Americacomment affirming the pelotero.

“On December 14, 2021, the Peruvian company was accompanied by its houses and its mothers for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Peru, with a building for rent and a department in the Miraflores district for its stage.”aggregate.

Además, acusó a su aún esposa de que ella habría tomado la deserción de abandonar el departamento en el que vivían, perjudicando a sus menores hijos.

“The mother of my gods and the end of my dreams are set up in the department of the department, by the decision of the lady, retiring from the house, leaving my house and staying in the house of her abbot, retiring all your stays and víveres ”acotó.

Cabe resaltar que en la edición del 09 de febrero, Magaly Medina se enlazó con Génessis Alarcón desde el domicilio de su abuela en Barrios Altos en donde mostró está durmiendo con sus dos hijos en un colchón que acomoda al lado de un sillón en medio de the room.

Comunicado de Andy Polo.
Comunicado de Andy Polo.

Between the communes of communication, Andy Polo calculated that he was preoccupied with the service of his children and that he was the mother of those who had “other interests as he could not afford to continue to dominate the EU in order to survive a relationship with man. less men ”.


Andy Polo also said that it was a fallacy that he would be a child of his wife Génessis Alarcón durante el tiempo que fueron pareja.

La madre de mis hijos afirmo en el program de spectaculos que ha descubierto recientemente una infidelidad, cuando en reality we live together and she has the full potential of my new sentimental relationshipat the point where he had his conversations”, Dice.


The footballer explained that he had to leave but could not divorce his wife from the high economic pretensions that he had, but that he wanted to live in Peru, while he wanted to see his children living in the United States and the United States. search for e-mail

Other economic pretensions that are exaggerated by the consequences of my misfortunes I am responsible for 100% economically of all your needs”, Said.


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