Alexander Dreymon, warrior in ‘The Last Kingdom’ and a fan of jiu-jitsu and famous excursion in real life – News from the series

The protagonist of the Netflix action series is reserved, but very energetic in the work. Here are some dates to know more about the rooms.

The time 5 de The Last Kingdom acaba de estrenarse en Netflix. Supone the ultimate tanda of episodes of fiction and the recourse of your personalities from the years of the entertaining queue. The series, defined by others as a specialty Throne gametranscurre en el Siglo IX, en la Gran Brittany medieval y se basa en las novelas de Bernard Cornwell.

Es, desce hace años, una de las series más seguidas de la plataforma de ‘streaming’ y, aunque no llega al nivel de la ficción de George RR Martin, ofrece una buena dosis de history, aventuras y acción que seguro que convence a los fans of the genre. Al frente, dando vida al protagonista Uhtred, está Alexander Dreymonan actor who has a life of anecdotesaunque menos arriesgadas que las que vive su personaje.

Here we recall some anecdotes about the protagonist of The Last Kingdombecause of the fact that various idioms have been spoken of through the scenes of peligros.

Alexander Dreymon spoke German, French and English

The actor has seen different differences in the length of his life, for example, he has different idioms. Nation in Munich, Germany, but created in countries such as France, Switzerland and the United States. Your presence in these places is not simply testimonial. Dreymon has been studying in Paris and since he was three years old at the Drama Center de Londres, a preparation for acting.

‘The Last Kingdom’: i Quién era Uhtred de Bebbanburg en la vida real?

As declared in an interview with The Guardian, the family traveled a lot when he was a child and never thought he was staying in a specific place. “When I was a child it was hard to say goodbye to a new college and teacher who made new friends or sent me to class in the middle of the month without talking about the idiombut in the midst of which I am credited with the account of the possibilities that he has to discover new cultures and languages ​​”, said the interpreter.

A man of action: sabe montar a caballo y es fan del jiu-jitsu

The family had a lot of fun to live with amazing experiences, like living in a ranch in the Dakota del Sur when it was preadolescent and mounting a habitual habit. “Simply put a cable and put it on me”, read an interview with DA MAN. This is the help of a great help for his career as an actor, as he assures me that when he is a little boy he caves about the death of a queen, something that drastically changes in a family. “Learning to communicate with the caballos is my favorite part [del entrenamiento]”insure an interview with Men’s Journal.

Dreymon is a man of action and a great active man. When I have a free time, I really practice jiu-jitsu, combat support and personnel defense system. “I love the strategic state and the truth that when you are in the shape of what you can think of on your own, you have to be in the moment. It’s like a meditation long and hard,” he said.

El mismo hace sus action scenes (algunas)

The team of The Last Kingdom account with a group of action actors that can support a suicide squadron. “They are real warriors. They are always 100% up, in three times, I don’t want to miss the lessons, the cold or the late summer”account Dreymon a Men’s Journal. They want to be able to play more, but to participate in the actor and, as soon as possible, to realize someone else’s action scenes.

“He appreciated a lot of my double, Tamás Katrics, and our coordinator, Levente Laezsák, who is a man of sportsmanship”, said Muscle & Fitnessy reconoce que una de las cosas que lleva a cabo es galopar: “Sientes una conexión con el animal que va mucho más alá de lo que imaginé. Puedes influir en su comportamiento controlando tu propia energía”.

Casi le rompe la nariz a un compañero

Alexander Dreymon had a hard time watching the action scenes, but he kept his friends together. El mismo ha reconocido en una interrevista con Express que, durante el rodaje de una escena de lucha, quizás se entusiasmó demasiado y casi le rompe la nariz a un compañero.

“You have to follow [del final de la temporada 1], le di una patada a alguien en la cara y casi le rompo la nariz. That’s one of the many moments“, señala,” Tu corazón late con fuerza y ​​tu adrenalina se dispara y solo esperas que esté bien “. Afortunadamente, el que recibió el golpe estaba bien y no tuvo ninguna herida grave.

Odia que le reconozcan por la calle

Alexander Dreymon always wanted to be an actor, but he didn’t have the fame that implied. El papel que le ha hecho famoso le obliga a llevar a caracterización que normalmente no utiliza en su día a día y, aunque esto puede salvarle un poco, no quita que de vez en cuando sea reconocido por la calle.

An interview with The Carousel, the actor gave an anecdote that he passed in the London Metro. There is a clear book that is part of the account of a couple in the world. “The girl used to love the girl and the girl who came to him. And he said, ‘Oh, my God.’ no, no. Él continuó sí, eres Uhtred de The Last Kingdom‘. Y yo ‘no, lo siento, no soy yo “, account between risas. If you want to cruise through the street, you will find it incompatible.

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