Alberto Fernández opened the door to reflect on what he said was “an example of mandate” | Diario de Cuyo

President Alberto Fernández encapsulated the act of the International Day of Women Workers in the bona fide locality of José C. Paz. Además, approve to participate in Juntos por el Cambio in the middle of the deals with the FMI.

“Antes de que mi mandato termine, en este primer mandato que tengo, yo te te garantizo Mario (Ishii) que van a tener el Polo Industrial que necesitan para darle trabajo a los hombre y mujeres de José C. Paz”, expresó el Presidente, sliding the ability to search for a response.

At the same time, the mandatary pioneered that the postulates of peronism were based on a PASO. “The candidacies of the future have the power to solve the law and not in a place that can benefit me,” said a radio interviewer who wrote that he was designed by the current vice president, Cristina Kirchner, to meet the presidential formula and guarantee the victory. del kirchnerismo en 2019.

This is the end, the end of the act, in which this company is accompanied by the title of INADI Victoria Donda, the President who gave a replica of the history of peronism and the role of women. In this line, recorded by Mauricio Macri al Gobierno in 2015: “Endeudaron al país comu nunca nadie nadie había endeudado la la Argentina y esto no hay que olvidarlo”.

“It’s true that you want to negotiate with me and how to pay for it, but I oppose it, the opposition of the Governor that preceded me and that he is discussing and accepting the acupuncture that I am proposing to him,” said Fernández. The congress was prepared to discuss the project planned for Casa Rosada.

In preparation for the act of José C. Paz, the President received 10 governors and two vice-governors in the search for a rescued parliamentary parliament to approve the agreement on the restructuring of the case with the International Monetary Fund in the Congress.

Encuentro se desarrolló en el Salón Eva Perón y estuvieron presentes los mandatarios Ricardo Quintela (La Rioja), Raúl Jalil (Catamarca), Sergio Uñac (San Juan), Osvaldo Jaldo (Tucumán), Gustavo Sáenz (Salcumà), Sergio Ziliotto Pampa); Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos), Oscar Herrera Ahuad (Misiones), Mariano Arcioni (Chubut), Omar Gutiérrez (Neuquén) and in the representation of Santiago del Estero and de Santa Cruz, estuvieron los vicegobernadores Carlos Silva Neder and Eugenio Quiroga, respect.

Tras la reunión, la comitiva se trasladó hasta Diputados, donde fueron recibidos por el presidente de la Cámara baja, Sergio Massa. Accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur. Your opinion is Omar Perotti, Governor of Santa Fe, who first of all had a state of affairs in Rosada because he competed at the Expoagro, and the young Gerardo Morales – the only opponent who participated in the negotiations -.

The convocation of Manzur points to the policy of the United Nations, the internal strength that allows the mayor to be able to respond to the deputies and senators who are responsible for these governors. In the account that you want to take in the Rosada for the jury that will be realized in an important vote that will be guaranteed in disputes between 50 and 60 votes (you want a simple mayor of 129 to approve the project) and have 25 other votes in a game in the Cámara Alta (the simple mayor’s office with 37).


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