5 basic points to enter the polo

El polo, también conocido como “el deporte de los reyes”, It is one of the most ancient of the world; from time to time we can look at the polo with a lot of respect ya que requiere destreza, fuerza y ​​velocidad.

In Mexico, the presence of this deportation. As we decide to present 5 basic points to enter the polo and comment on the topic as a connoisseur.

1. The game

polo players in action

Like many sports, a polo match is won with the mayor number of goals but, what is the distinction of the demas? All of the players of montadas in caballo and los goles are annotated with an article “taco”.

In each part, take care of the teams, every one with four players, which should pass the pelota between the posts of 3 meters of height that conforms to the porter. The posts are designed for caesarean section in which some people are already impaled.

Look at the goal, when the fishing line is completed, complete, the annotation line without importing altura. In the eyes of the pilot, you can break, and this time, you can count on the location of the fragment of the largest.

2. Cancha

  • polo players in action
  • Polo ball

Debido a la presencia caballos en el juego, la cancha de polo es una de más extensas en el mundo del deporte. You can go to the middle of the house 275 meters long and 246 meters long I think so the goal line has an ancho of 7.3 meters.

La cancha se divide a la mitad y cada mitad por yardas: 30, 40 y 60. El césped para este escenario puede ser tipo tiffon o gramilla and is complementary to the arena for a mayor agarre.

3. Rules

Polo players in action
Polo players in action

As in football, there are also lots of amarillas (amonestación) and rojas (expulsion). You are a jugador accumulator of amarillas in a single game suspended from a fire; if you accumulate three amaryllis in a mismo part is expulsion.

Between the infractions that exist in the presence of a taco, empujar con el brazo al contrincante, invasion de línea -el jugador que defiende debe evitar ponerse de frente ante el atacante-.

There are three arbitrators in every game, two of them in cavallos and one of the cans for you and there is someone else.

4. Equipment and positions

  • Game equipment
  • Game equipment

Debido to the number of players, only there are a few positions: backquien es el principal defensor y normalmente no rebasa la yarda 30; No. 3que más allá de ser el defensor secundario, es el conductor del equipo y decide las jugadas de ataque; second hand with the function of pressing to recover the pilot; y example delanterothe encampment of anotar los goles.

Every one of the players and their horses are equipped. The players with a helmet, a taco, boots and roller skates. Mintras que los caballos con vendajes en las cuatro patas, gamarra para evitar que el caballo se levante de mas, filte elevador con la función de levantar la cabeza del caballo y una rienda alemana la cual permite el control total del caballo.

5. Duración de Partidos

The duration of the party can be a person to extend to two. The periods of each game are divided into 4 and 8 “chukkers”, with a duration of 7 minutes each. Between every chukker there is a 3-minute break in the middle of the game, one 5-minute break.

Handicap Classic Polo Cup 2020

Trophy Handicap Classic Polo Cup
Trophy Handicap Classic Polo Cup

If you want to read this basic guide to enter the queue, you will be able to assist in a game, we will have good news.

The 7th of March at the Santa Jacinta Polo Club is celebrating the most important edition of the Mexican Cup: Handicap Classic Polo Cup 2020, organized by Toño Madrazo.

Además lo recaudado sera donado a la fundación Illuminemos de Azul, an association sin fines de lucro que informa y ayuda a niños con autismo.

As it is perfect to be able to go to a family race, stay in the world of polo and bring a granite to the arena of society. You can compare your pain in the link.


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