With offers for all editions, the municipality presented the Deportivo 2022 Program to promote a healthy life

Information 08-03-2022

With the end of the promotion of physical activity at the moment of life, the municipality presented the Deportivo 2022 Program, a set of disciplines that will offer the space that the city has to promote the best practices. Intentionally, Martín Gill provided details of the property, which he said was “a multi-board agreement for the destinations of the activities”, including all the properties and sectors of Villa María.

The initiative, which gives the initiative the proximity of the moon, is the result of the work of articulation between the Secretariat of Inclusion and the Territory of the Union of Sports and Tourism; in the sense of pretending to “play a role in the integration of the community of rights that are free, incidental and with flexibility of work”, manifested the local mandate. The sports team compiled 26 programs in a total of 16 spaces of the city, with distinctive hours and days, amplifying the possibilities of all ages and ages.

Uno de estos espacios sera el nuevo Salon de los Deportes, el cual ya está preparado para llevar adelante actividades deportivas, tales como gimnasia rítmica y artística, powerchair fútbol, ​​newcom, polideporte, völey competitive, desiquétial conquitovo disability. Del mismo modo, el Polideportivo Guillermo Evans counta con con diversas activities, entre las cuales se destacan el völey competitive and handball.

Además, tendrán lugar a lo largo del año un conjunto de acuáticas, ya que el lago sera el espacio donde la Escuela de Deportes Náuticos brindará diversas disciplinas, mientras que la pileta komunitaria Eva Perón llevará chlevará de adelante 6 to 12 years and gymnasium for adults. The Hexagonal Hall, located in the Municipal Amphitheater, also summarizes the program of annual activities, burning the space available for the practice of judo sports.

There are also barbaric dispositions that allow decentralization of sports activities. En este sentido, los barrios Botta, La Calera, Las Playas, Roque Sáenz Peña and Nicolás Avellaneda, Las Acacias, Ramón Carrillo, Malvinas Argentinas, Bello Horizonte and Vista Verde offer a variety of disciplines.

Summing up the words of the Intendent, the President of the Sports and Tourism, Noelia Macagno said that the initiative of this initiative is the possibility of practicing sports at the end of life, with the benefits that are implied for health.

In the line of thought, the Secretariat of Inclusion and Territory, Celeste Curetti, remarks that the objective of the ambassadors is the promotion of sports as a right, creating multiple sports opportunities.

Find information and a space of interest, the persons interested in waiting for any MuniCerca in the schedule of 8 to 14 people, at the Salon de los Deportes, from 8 to 21, to get the requisites, planillas and medical doctors to participate in sports activities. To be able to find out what is the limit of inscription, and in the case of children and adolescents in school, I can present the medical certificate that I realized for the beginning of the school year.

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