The Secretariat of Sports prepares a capacity and the inscriptions to be initiated

Two days last the course that was theoretically and practically dictated by the professionals of the health and dissertations of the provincial interior

The 17th and 18th of March will be open for free and free courses, which will be directed by professors of Physical Education, trainers, kinesiologists and all those related to sports.

The activity will help you to stay with the basic amenities to improve the health conditions as well as the El Polydeportivo Cincinentenario Stadium of the City of Formosa.

Respectfully, in a dialogue with AGENFOR, Professor Daniel Leguizamón, who is in charge of the technical team of the Secretariat of Sports of the Province, brindó mayores precisiones.

Antes de referrse a esto, indicó que “en el arranque de un nuevo año, estamos contentos de volver de manera progresiva en lo que refiere a la capacitación y el entrenamiento de los profesionales que se encuentran frente a los diferentes deportivos y gimnasios teraéut as well as the schools ”.

In this context, the preparation for the seminar is close to a capacity that is theoretical and practical where, having in the account that the Secretariat of Deports now has a major responsibility, y trainers, preparers and all the people who in general have active sports ”in the province.

In her life she is a dissertation doctor of great trajectory and specialty differences, detailing Leguizamón that the classes are located inside the Stadium in the Conference Hall of the Cincinnati Stadium; and in practice, the topic of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (RCP) was dictated by a cardiologist, who was treated for “a very important hernia that saves lives”.

There are also invited people who work in the tourism area and the team of the Bombers of the Police of the Province of Sumaria, “for which no one is retired for the sake of the people of the country,” said the notary.

In the wake of the inscriptions, the information that is open from the 9th century is the 11th anniversary of the Centenary Stadium, in the example of the 9th and 12th hours, saying that it is free and free. And the capacity of the capacity is for the day of March 17 to 16 hours.

Legionnaire, who became a professor as a therapist in the gymnasiums, also said that “this is the space, the professionals of the health care will be able to be the mayor of the sports department”.

In addition to the advice and recommendations “mainly now with the high temperatures, as well as having the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, there are topics for adults and adults also about obesity, arthrosis and arthritis, and to maintain the importance and importance of the medical condition, to improve the condition of the human being in the community ”.

Other of the characteristics of the course that are in the middle of the space are the space of the persons of the provincial interior, “as dissertations within the world,” accompanied by some medical specialists, the territory ”.

Finally, he said that “he started the week before a game with a account of more than 60 different differences of localities, due to the interest and enthusiasm” of the participant.

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