The new mystery of ‘Peaky Blinders’, explicitly stated: i quien es el “hombre gris”? – Series news

The little Ruby has a vision with an extra man who is by Tommy Shelby. Y no es la primera vez que recibe un aviso de este estilo.

“She’s a good man. She says come to me. Also come to the Pope.”. The visions of the ruby ​​girl at the time of the 6th season Peaky Blinders advierten de que algo malo está por llegar. Tommy Shelby parece sentenciado desde el principio, pero, ¿qué significa exactamente lo que ha visto su hija? I Quién es ese hombre gris del que habla y qué significan esas extrañas palabras que dice en sus delirios y que tanto asustan a su padre?

Demons, extraterrestrials, serenity, vengeance … Sea that we can relate to with this extra person who is a great friend against the security of the family. There is a great deal to be said about the ruby ​​girl, she is with her green eyes, claramente, the landing. In many mythological stories, the presence of a man of gray only signifies problems. De hecho, in Escocia hay una figura llamada Am Fear Liath Mòr -que se traduce literalmente como El Gran Hombre Gris de Ben MacDhui- que es una criatura que vive en el pico Ben MacDhui y acecha a los montañeros. En Peaky Blinders no podia ser menos.

These allusions are suman a esa frase en romaní que dice Ruby y que deja helado a su padre. Ambos elementos juntos hace que pensemos lo peor, ¿morirá próximamente la pequeña Shelby?

The meaning of ‘Tickner Maura, O beng’

In front of you, let’s make a memory card. In the first episode of the sixth sex, Tommy told Lizzie that she was famous for being sick. I had a hard time, tose y no se encuentra muy bien. I don’t want to reunite with Boston for the Christmas Eve. He finds the situation and who wants to buy a ticket when Ruby is better. Without embargo, Lizzie says something that paralyzes the blood: “When you are delirious, you should not be able to say: ‘Tickner Maura, Tickner Maura, O beng, O beng’. Una y otra vez”.

Tommy decides to reclaim the house immediately and announce to Lizzie that she’s not here to be close to the river of the caballos. “Dile a la esposa de Johnny que le ponga una Virgen Negra alrededor del cuello. Escucha a Esmeralda de la misma manera que escuchas a un médico. Lleva a Curly ahí y dile que se quede en el establo con los caballos de Ruby”, le Tommy’s account. I know how to make tomato, What does this phrase mean and why is it important for it?

Según Expressand novel ‘O Beng’ significa ‘diablo’ y ‘Tickner’ o ‘tickna’ quiere decir ‘niña pequeña’. Steven Knight, the creator of fiction, declared that it was a difficult phrase to translate, but he had to deal with the demon. “It’s different from translating the novel, but it means ‘the devil.’ It means a little more than that, but it is. It’s not good. It’s not good,” said Knight.

Entonces, i quién es el hombre gris que ve Ruby?

You know what, family, what family is in the sky, but Who is this gray man who spoke to Ruby? Hay un personaje que puede ser el “hombre gris”: Michael Gray, hijo de Polly Shelby (Helen McCrory). It is, literally, “gray man” debito a su appellido, por lo que podría ser la llegada de la que tanto avisa la joven. Encaja, además, con su sese de venganza por la muerte de su madre.

There is a sub-component that escapes us. He said that Tommy wanted Ruby to be in the water and of the cavallos and that she was a virgin in her heart to show that he had something else. In any case, the situation of Ruby empeora for moments and all the loins limovan al mismo lugar: desgracia se avecina en casa de Tommy Shelby.

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