The mythical barracks of Kazarma is the oldest in Europe

In the carriageway that one of the ancient cities of Mycenae and Tiryns with Epidaurus in the Argolis of Greece had four points built on the edge of the Bronze Age, which is still in operation.

One of these points is known to be considered one of the most important points of the world, and as the most important of the European points that are in use. Setrata del llamado Puente de Kazarma o Puente de Arkadiko.

It is located 25 meters from the north of the modern carriageway from Nauplia to Ligourio, at the height of 15 kilometers, 140 meters from the west of the pueblo de Agios Ioannis and the southwest of the acropolis of Kazarma. It is also contrasting with the enormous beauty of cyclopean buildings built in construction, typical of mythical fortifications.

The bridge of Petrogefiri | Photo by Schuppi and Wikimedia Commons

The number of built-up points of the year 1300 BC is the only one that continues to be used by farmers and most of the area. A bridge that has a vano mayor and an arch a little higher, Petrogefiri, which crosses the very armoyo, is intransitive, and poisonous, located near the city of Arcadico, is practically in ruins and entertained by sediment deposits.

Consta de una bóveda con arcs en mensula hechos con grandes bloques de aparejo ciclópeo, apilados sin ningún tipo de argamasa ni cemento, pero con pequeñas piedras entre los huecos para estabilizarlas.

It has a light of about one metro, and the structure of the alcanza is 22 meters long with a length of 5.60 meters anchor in the base and 4 meters.

Otra vista del puente de Kazarma o Arkadiko | Photo by Nicholas Hartmann at Wikimedia Commons

The anchura of the calzada that attracts in the upper part of the bridge is 2.50 meters, an anchor specifically indicated for the car pass.

In the region with the greatest impact of Likotroupi, in the north of Argolis, there are other points of the epoch, with medics that are close to the barracks of Kazarma: 5.20 meters of anchor in the lower part and 2.40 the superior, with a light of some subway. Here is the footwear of the present board of guides to guide the cars by the fireplace.

The footwear about the bridge of Petrogefiri | Photo by Schuppi and Wikimedia Commons

All of them form a part of a life that connects the mythical centers with the port of Palea Epidauros. These are mythical discourses through the lads of the colonies and established fortifications with content walls.

Don’t worry about how many lives you have on your own, you can find out what your footsteps look like and even more so that the cars can be repaired without a hitch. Dado que en aquella época los caballos no estaban herados, los caminos solo estaban cubiertos por un pavimento de tierra y gravilla suelta.


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