The gallega culture is exhibited in ‘1900 Grises’ is true

The beauty of the world contemplation of the gallega culture between the 19th century and the principles of the 20th century will be appreciated in the exhibition 1900 Grises, del Spanish artist Gabriel Miranda Blanco, it’s March 11th.

The artist, who has visited the port in a collective exhibition, will present for example an exhibition in solitary confinement in Mazatlán, where he will be informed that he is nervous and in the mood to show an emotion of his natal Spain in this prestigious presentation. tendrá lugar en la Galería Ángela Peralta.

Due to the loss and death of the pandemic, the court of the list only allowed 25 people, but the permanent exhibition in the port of the port was held on April 22 to be approved.

“The exhibition of gallega culture between the Sign 19 and the principles of the 20th, which leads to the type of white and black photography, is the culture of this gallery of this epoch that acquires the Spanish Spanish Civil War, durante and ante de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, entonces seran tiempos muy fuertes, malos, o sea, era una paz, pero muy precaria, entonces ahí es donde se ve la fortaleza de la gente, del pueblo; it is Galicia very rural, very sandy, very beautiful and conservative ”, he explained.

The exhibition is organized by the Centro Cultural Bauprés in coordination with the Institute of Culture Mazatlán, with 12 pieces of large format results with acrylics about acrylics in a ton of chromic colors.

“I have images of the camp, laborers who are mediocre in the morning, as if they were the alfarer, now they have all the machines, before all the manuals, more love, with more dedication, there are those who want to know la cultura de mi tierra ”, explica, el egresado de la Escuela Superior de Artes Aplicadas Pablo Picasso en la Coruña, España en 2000.

In the exhibition there is a special box that is made of 6 metros, in the shape of a costume of Galicia llamada Rapa das bestas de Sabucedo, España.

“Galicia is very sentimental, and it has been very festive, and it has cost me a lot of money to be born in the 2nd century, since the establishment of the novels in Galicia, it is a tradition to live in this place, it has a picture of a friend. 6 meters, there is a box of entries of caballos, this is a costume, a festival that bears Rapa das bestas, consiste en coger a todos los caballos salvajes de la zona, que es Sabucedo, y los metemos en una especie de ruedo in the form of warfare, and the salvation of the people of the cavallos for short of the game, for the sake of the animals, this is where the sign 2 ”came from, commented.

In June, the artist took part in a collective exhibition in the port.

“I have been studying in a collective exhibition for a long time, but I am in solitary confinement and I am nervous about it; here for the rest of the space I will find the one where I am, in a gallery here, and I will be surprised that he has a great youth, and in Spain this is not a veil that the youngsters are interested in , a ver un cudro de un expositor, en Mazatlán me he encontrado con gente muy amable, muy eduadaada, y estoy muy contento, y sorprendido por la gente de Mazatlán que me están tratando genial ”, comment.

The hours of the visit will be on Wednesdays from 9:00 to 16:00, and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:00. To visit the guide, you can communicate by phone 669 150 5030.

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Event: Exposition ‘1900 Grises’, by the Spanish artist Gabriel Miranda Blanco

Day: Friday the 11th of March.

Hours: 7:00 p.m.

Exposition: Mondays from 9:00 to 16:00, and the hours from 9:00 to 13:00.


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