The events of Alexandra Benado, the new Minister of Sports

Alexandra Benado is the sole horas de asumir como nueva ministar del Deporte. The closest to the 11th of March is the production of mandio y, luego del mediodía, waiting for the ex-football player to join the court as a new mandamás de la cartera tras concretar la salida de Cecilia Pérez del cargo.

On behalf of the International Day of Women, and the right to convert to the new representative of the Ministry of Sports, Benado spoke exclusively with RedGol and commented on the shortcomings of the car race and the best four years in sports. Santiago 2023, feminine football, the deportivo deportivo en las infancias y la implementa de de un gobierno feminista en esta cartera, entre otros temas.

– El gobierno saliente trabajó en pos de que Santiago 2023 se convierta en un legado para Chile en materia de activistad física y vida sana. ¿De qué formé esperan traspasar la herencia de la competencia a la vida de los chilenos?

– The Games of Santiago 2023 are not attributed to a particular goblet, but they are considered the most important sporting event that Chile has in its history and, for a long time, it should be understood as a responsibility and a state of affairs. There is an important number of perennials that can be executed and one of them is the construction of a legado. It is natural to consider the location of the new centers of training and great resources at the disposal of the sportsmen of high performance.

But I believe that, in addition to the tangible, we can project an intangible leg: as we demonstrate in the world that we are able to organize events of great envelope accumulating expertise for it; as new news contributes to reduce access deficiencies in high-quality infrastructure in the most vulnerable communities, as persons who practice sports physical activity through the eye feel their new sleep problems, together with other results. How this is a mega event to consolidate a culture of sports.

Allí hay una tarea que debemos trabajar este año no sólo desde Deporte, sino que también desde los ambitos de la Educación, Salud, Desarrollo Social y Familia, Cultura y otras areas del Estado.

– qu De qué manera esperan atacar el sedentarismo y la obesidad en niños, niñas y jóvenes? What do you diagnose with respect?

– The problems of sedentaryism and obsession are multifactorial, and you have to deal with sports issues, but also with social, economic and health aspects. The objective is not only to comment on the sports of children, children and young people in the state of obedience, but also the integrity, consideration of aspects of health, mental health, the ability to work on the diaries of mothers and fathers, the accessibility of sports infrastructure or security conditions in the countryside.

I believe that the mirage should be strengthened, because it is a demonstration that when public policies are engaged only in obedience, it generates a perverse effect that provokes exclusion and discrimination. In Chile, we will promote the sport as a destined instrument to improve the quality of life of integral people.

– Is it necessary to add the hours of Physical Education in education? Do you want to expand your studies?

– As a professor of Physical Education, I believe that I absolutely want to increase the hours of physical activity. Not only in the educational establishments, but also in the infantry gardens, with the first children. Let’s have the conversations we need with the Minister of Education and it is important for our management. En la Educación Superior hay un desarrollo importante respecto al deporte, ojalá se pueda seguir potenciando, para que nuestras i nuestros deportistas sigan sus ciklos con facilidad en esa etapa.

As we can see that there are opportunities to enter a sports offer for all our potential deportees. In Chile, there are deportees with potential and no power to do so, but there is no access to the infrastructure of professors with capacities in various disciplines, which is more than football.

Some people can enjoy physical activity and sports activities such as training, gymnastics and athletics. Are you interested in including new disciplines of obligatory manner in the educational curriculum?

– Ojalá podamos incorporar mas disciplines deportivas a nivel escolar. Without embargo, there are established communities that do not account for the infrastructure, nor do we need resources. For this reason, it is fundamental to hold accounts with public and private sports reports that allow access to the mayor’s cantidad of disciplines for children, children and adolescents.

For other reasons, it is the construction of different infrastructure infrastructure, for example, but it is not possible to cover the demand for the country, and it is a topic that we are analyzing by region, province and municipality.

– ma De que manera se puede evitar la discriminaci sexista en materia deportiva, que encontramos desde la educación primaria?

– Hay temas culturales que dificultan el acceso de las mujeres al deporte. The national health insurance survey that 90% of women are sedentary and this percentage is the age of 13 years. No change and nothing is very preoccupied. The problems are not only visualized in the secondary education of the secondary, but also in the adult.

From our culture there is a common community that realizes a sports activity due to the work schedule, but in the case of women, there is something that can be recovered from the house to take care of their children. We want to change our logic and enter the material conditions for which we have the space to practice sports.

– Uno de los puntales del gobierno del Presidente Gabriel Boric es que este sea un gobierno feminista. For practical effects, how often do you translate this into the Ministry of Sports?

– The new gobierno sera feminista y así lo ha señalado el Presidente Boric. What does it mean? By the way, in the destinations you have to find situations that menoscaban the dignity of women, be effective. This is a protocol against sexual abuse, sexual harassment and discrimination.

This protocol is open from September 2020, it is an important advance due to the obligation of the sports organizations to a series of preventive actions, the response and sanction of the houses. Pero, ¿cual ha sido el seguimiento ?, ¿cuantos casos se han denunciado ?, ¿cuantas organizaciones lo han incorporado y applicado? If we do not have an appropriate approach, if we do not verify the compliance with the protocol, the practical utility will be reduced considerably.

We will not be able to share, we will be able to take care of the ultimate experiences of many women and we will adopt the medics for success and advancement.

– Desde Melbourne 1956 que Chile no tiene medallistas olympicas mujeres, y Marlene Ahrens es la única que lo ha conseguido. What is the formula for using the Ministry of Sports to comment on what other people will be able to do in Paris 2024?

– Creo que se comete un error, porque Francisca Mardones, Mariana Zúñiga, Katherine Wollermann fueron medallistas en los paralimmpicos de Tokio 2020, y sus preseas tienen el mismo valor que la medalla de Marlene Ahrens en Melbourne o Massú en Atenas.

We work together with the Olympic Committee and the Chilean Team to adopt all the medics that are our best for those who need to have a good preparation for the Pan-American and Para-American Santiago 2023 and Paris 2024.

– ree Cree que durante los próximos 4 años se alcanzará la profesionalización plena del útbol femenino? If you really are the one who is looking for a vote in the Senate, there are clubs that are looking for formulas to evacuate the company of contracts and not to be able to include this increase in investment in women. How can I avoid this thing? How to get to the clubs for what you don’t want to do with your beautiful women?

– The project for the professionalization of women’s football should be a reality. I can’t say that only 4% of the total players have a contract with their teams

The study of Radiography of Feminino Football in Chile of Anjuff and the University of Chile, only 4.4% of football players in the country has a contract with a club with pertenuation, and 16.3% have a secret account. and 11.7% had a verbal accusation. 83% do not receive any remuneration, but 8.5% receive between $ 100 million and $ 499 million pesos and 5.8% less than $ 100 million pesos.

Our team has followed the debate of the project, the choice of voting in the approximate sessions and we are available to make all the modifications – in the case of a necesario – that this is the type of situation that you have tried before.

It is not possible to contend with footballers like Tiane Endler, the best of the world in the field, but in the world against them who do not have access to safeguards, nor a success for an activity that is professional.


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