The domino and the queda del ‘tercer polo’

The Sabbath was obsessed with a dominant goal for my friend Carlos Zazueta. In the genius “nido de águila” that you have a great dream of being brilliant, beautiful and sublime esposa, compatié buena platica and ensayos de estrategia. It’s like the end of the week is ‘chilo’. O hí hubiera sido si cerca del final de la partida no nos hubiéramos enterado de la tragedia en ese estadio de Querétaro. Al calorie del momento alguien en la mesa dijo que había sido una balacera, por lo que me puse a despotricar sobre cómo nacionalnomte nos est ahogando la marea de lo norteamericano; calm me down, you can have the most beautiful instinct, you are the “green style”, but it is not possible for her, but it is for her rotundamena inaceptables. But I love the fire, and when I hear it, I fight.

Just with the reverberation that hechos me dejaron, my friend Paul Antoine Matos me hizo caer en la correlation of a point that he solito habría tardado en ver: the that in Mexico we are sorry when you have more public spaces with a situation that be better in the private environment. Paul thought as he had years ago he imagined traveling along the road in the country, knowing people and people. El imagina como en el libro El Interior, by Martin Caparrós, soñando con un Tsuru recorriendo desde La Paz hasta Chetumal, cosa que sentenciaba como hoy impensable. Impensable as a house in the heart of the city, it is a stadium, walk in parks or walkers through various streets of great beauty. Y se se es mujer la cosa es más difícil, compleja y estresante.

Pareciera que la humidad no termina de llegar a su mayoría de edad. We only fail to generate security, (that in our country we have sex with the crude, the crude real reality), but we are at risk of humanism in the midst of living lives that we are, biologically. Just in the dominion, the comment of Marco, the friend of my friend Carlos and who is the one in the game, as we are trying to establish the stability of what we have to do in the third half of the year, is the Hindu Kush zone of the Himalayas .

El Icimod, (Centro Internacional para el Desarrollo Integrado de las Montañas, por sus siglas en Ingles) que es un centru intergubernamental de aprendizaje e intercambio de conocimientos que sirve a los ocho países miembros regionalía del Himalaya Hindu quu kyána an estimated 54,000 glaciers in this area, we can cover 60,000 kilometers and maintain the main water level in the regions of the region, which depends on the condition of a quarter of the world’s population. Without embargo, the scientists are “depressed and helpless” by accelerating the pace with which they are calenting, and at the point of losing time when it comes to the most important thing, but the situation that activates a vicious circle in which it absorbs most of the solar radiation and so much more heat. And when you have all the problems for the water and you can guarantee the safety of food, you can take care of the production of food from other nations (this is Mexico), in a way that makes you feel better than China. internationals who have been in the prime of this decade. Todo esto muy aparte de la otra faceta tragica de nuestros dias de es la Crisis en Ucrania, sobre la que la ONU afirma que hay 1.5 millones de unplazados de sus hogares.

Pareciera, as written by Charles Dickens, that we live in the best of times, that is also the time of the times, “an edad of sabiduria and tambourine of locura”.

However, in addition to the old organisms, it is possible to learn from the impact that the dollar is taking place, as well as the possibility of a new time in which we will not repatriate excessive terror. We are waiting for him.

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