River presented the plan of works for remodeling and agrandar el Monumental

You know how to build a large planter, very competitive, with the right to return the equipment to a team that passed the year after the champion, the management of the River now has the right to die large lenses that you have in 2022, that is the initiation of the second stage of the monumental works. It is because of these months, since the 13th, in Núñez, that a conference was held in the presence of the President of the institution, Jorge Brito, in announcing continuity of the stage remodeling. The new works are celebrated in March.

“We have a new dream with a monument with 9 million beaches, grandstands near and new places. The first stage of the competition will be held by three new tribunes: Sívori, San Martín and Centenario. And we are waiting for the end of the year “, affirmed the president Brito, who was elected by Stefano Di Carlo, General Secretary, and Mariano Taratuty, Secretary of Acts and Director of the Club Planning.

The event, led by Cabo en el SUM del Monumental, also formed by Marcelo Gallardo, Enzo Francescoli, Norberto Alonso, Ubaldo Fillol, members of the Commission, and invited the former President Rodolfo D’Onofrio and the former Captain Leonardo Ponzio.

El initio de los trabajos is pautado para el mes que viene. And this new one is divided into two parts. This example is the list for February 2023 and the second for June 2024. It is assumed that each stage costs 20 million dollars, which will cost a total of 40 million dollars.

The project, which was launched by the Commission for the sea to be treated and approved, will involve the funds of financing: the naming and prevention of the new locations that are in force.

With respect to naming, hay negotiations advanced with the cadena of supermarkets (Changomas) that led by the company Francisco de Narváez, for which the stadium is going to be closed “Monumental Mas” or “Mas Monumental”.

It’s new now, The river recovers between 15 and 20 million dollars. This is the sum of more than 100 million of the money we can get with other marketing promotions, between them, the renovation of the contract with Adidas (60 million U $ S) and the new accounts with Socios.com (27, 5 million U $ S), Codere (10.5 million U $ S), Amazon (2.5 million U $ S) and Konami (1 million U $ S). And there are 20 million dollars worth of money the historical history by Julián Álvarez al Manchester City.

Great part of this fresco is used for the integral plan of the remodeling of the Monumental, which includes the construction of the grandstands below the late plateaus of San Martín and Belgrano, which in the Sivors and Centenarians are aggregating populations; of a new anillo; 76 inches; three parking spaces; a bridge that connects to the grandstands and a restaurant (the concession tends to have an important gastronomic stamp) with the hallway of Avenida Figueroa Alcorta, además del cambio total de las butacas, which auntsar 81 mil spectators the capacity of 72,054).

The project

Through the installation of a new hybrid, the one with a special fire will be a year ago, retiring the lonas that will be paved in the rehearsal of the ancient athletics track for advancing with the grandstands who will be staying at the new camp of the game (before 35 metros de la cancha: la projeekción es que quedarán a 12) que fue resultado de la primera obra.

The new project has the premise of changing the disposition of plateaus and generals. more European. As it is, the proportion of 55% of the plateau and 45% of the population is between 75-25.

All the fashions, in the first part of this new building, are built in the lower tribunes in Sivori, San Martín and Centenario. Para la Belgrano has said that it will be translated by the Institute, which will be able to be in the new Polo Polo Technological, which will be available in front of the stadium, in the areas that support the Federal Republic of Tyrol.

The effect of the degrees is el leit motive de la nueva obra, pero el plan comprende varios puntos más. For empire, renovar el 100% de las butacas de madera, que hoy están en un estado alarmante, en muchos casos rotas, ya obsoletas.

The directorate explains that the change of interests does not have to be because of “it is financially viable”: antes deben hacer una puesta en valor de las tribunas, que incluye la impermeabilización y pintura para luego pasar a la colocación de las butacas, que representan una de las variables cuya incidencia en el calculo de costos se modifica según el material (la estructure sera de aluminio o galvanizado y los asientos, de plastico) y el origen del proveedor que elijan.

Phase 1 of the project

-Nuevas tribunas bajas inferiores: en Sívori, San Martín y Centenario.

-Combi de butacas: retiro de butacas existenttes, impermeabilización, nuevas circulaciones i colocación de nuevas butacas rebatibles de primera, calidad según norma FIFA, en tribunas San Martín baja inferior, superior, media y hospitality; Belgrano baja superior, media, hospitality y palcos; Media center and thumbs up. It completes a total of 17,157 new pieces for this phase.

-Sector Press: new items in the Belgrano media tribune (247 seats).

-New experience for days: 30 inches in Centenario media and a restaurant 24/7 of 700 square meters with views of the Barrio River and a game camp, with new circulations and investments.

-New circulation and investments in palaces: in the Belgrade grandstand.

-New coaches: new level of stationing and access to the peatonal road in the plantation near the Stadium. A total of 227 coaches.

-Application of Paddock San Martín: new toilets and kitchen with views of the new tunnel of the team of the team in the field of play. It is 200 to 500 square meters long.

-New work of the arbitrators.

-New anti-doping control sector.

-Application of the gastronomic sector in San Martín media: best in the gastronomic offer in the days of the party.

-New audio system on the stage.

-New Medical Department at the Centenario grandstand.

Phase 2 of the project

-Nueva tribuna baja inferior Belgrano.

-Combi de butacas: retiro de butacas existenttes, impermeabilización, nuevas circulaciones y colocación de nuevas butacas rebatibles de primera calidad, según norma FIFA, en tribunas Belgrano baja inferior; Gray media and watches; San Martín, Belgrano, Centenario y Sívori altas. It is a total of 40,565 idiots, completing the total of the Stadium.

-46 seats in the Sivori tribune: new circulations and investments.

-Execution of the two levels of parking: 402 new coaches, completing the few levels of parking and new peat field in superior level, with connection to the level of thumbs. It has a final capacity for 1141 cars.

-New zone mixed in the plantation of the Belgrano tribune.

-New River Institute.

Technical technical information

-40,000 square meters intervened.

-9500 metro cubic meters in the stands, thrones and station.

-36,000 cubic meters of swivel movement.

-22,500 square meters of circulation.

-17 kilometers of canoes in the camp of the game.

-1500 square meters of facade seen.


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