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Enter the details of the new Volkswagen Virtus 2023. Important news for the sedan, which is launched in India.

Luego de una serie de teasers update the update of Volkswagen Virtus which will be added to the market as a model / year 2023. It will be a great example in India, but it will be the news that we are looking forward to. get to Sudamerica.

The most simple view is the new design of the Volkswagen Polo alley, with a silhouette more stylish to open an aspect more cute and fresh. Some of the elements are also considered a day of deportation GT version with what is present.

Este facelift además de los retoques estéticos, sirvió para realizar ajustes en todos los aspectos del vehículo. The border of the package technology and safety fue mejorado, y se ha sumado una new engine to offer for now confirmed for the Indian market.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023

Volkswagen Virtus: Menos Polo, more Nivus

El image change from the new Volkswagen Virtus without duda lo hace lucir más attractive. If you consider the version of the Polo sedan, now we know that there is a lot of inspiration in the SUV subcompact. fluid and modern.

On the front part there is a new radiator seat that integrates better with the new headlights with new LED luminaire company. The distribution of parachutes has changed and all the elements are in a single pie with clipped applications and Thomas depor de air.

There is also a new design for the roads and in the middle of the road the light district has a new style with a horizontal light company and the bumper is renovated with a diffuser and escape escapes false. The model who lives in Latin America should be present league variations.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023

Volkswagen Virtus 2023

Technology and propulsion systems

The front panel of the Volkswagen Virtus 2023 includes one multifunction steering wheeldigital instrument panel with eye straps and other 10 straps for the multimedia system with VW Play integrated, Apple CarPlay connection and Android Auto.

Enter the functions of automatic climate control and air-conditioned units. Non-loading cargo platform, audio system for bocce eyes, walkway and I have a panoramic view. The security system is in good condition with six air balls.

The new Virtus for India is built on the moon MQB A0 platformoffered with the 1.0 liter turbo engine and three cylinders from 114 hp of power and 177 Nm on torque, connected to a manual transmission of its automatic or tiptonic speed.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023

Como great news, the GT version is equipped with the new 1.5-liter turbocharged TSI engine 150 hp and 249 Nm on the torque and automatic transmission DSG of the bicycle network. The update of the sedan should be presented in our region second round of 2022.

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