Pat Moss, a pioneer in rallies

When you talk about rallies and women, everyone in the world in Michèle Mouton, the only woman who has won the Rallies World Cup. Pocos, sin embargo, recuerdan a una ilustre predecesora que si no figura en el palmarés del Mundial de Rallies es simplemente porque se retiró de la strugición antes de que creara el Mundial: ‘Pat’ Moss Carlsson.

‘Pat’ Moss respóra toda su vida la strugición automóvil. Era hija del piloto Alfred Moss –que llegó a disputar las 500 Millas de Indianápolis–, mythical myth Stirling Moss y se casó con otro rallyman de leyenda, el piloto oficial de Saab Erik Carlsson, un idilio posiblemente forjado entre tramo y tramo.

Nacida in 1934, on the German Stirling le enseñó a conducir con sólo 11 añosRo pero su meta deportiva parecía orientada a otra disciplina, la hippica y concretamente los concursos de saltos. For 18 years, we have been part of the selections for the Olympics, but we have recently introduced the world of rallies, which is the place where we can change our shoes for the CVs, but we can also see the practice of training teams.

I really want to compete in this discipline dominated by men. Primero al volante de su propio Triumph, pero pronto cambio a MG porque Triumph no quiso patrocinarla y MG vio el potencial y la determinación de esta joven de 22 años.

The BMC manor commented on the fact that he was alone in the British rallies, also in Europe and including the Safari. His first results in 1958 when he lost his love in the Rally de Gran Bretaña como en el Rally de los Tulipanes.

It is included with the mythical Astin-Healey, one of the great sportsmen of their time, who with his stature tuva que recurrir a installa inup tacos de madera en los pedales para llegar a accionarlos. Eso no le privó de ganar el Lieja-Roma-Lieja, una de las grandes pruebas de su tempo y convertirse en la first time in an international rally.

You can compete with a mini official with him ganaría el Rally de los Tulipanes –One of the most prestige trials in the years 60– in 1962 and is attacking a palmable envidiable. This victory was the first great victory of the international Mini. You are the winner of the Alemania Rally.

Possibly possible for the first pilots to use notes. The legend of what happened to German, Stirling, and his copilot, the periodist Denis Jenkinson, the examples of usaron, to win the 1955 Mille Miglia.

In any case, Ann Wisdom, copiloto de Pat entre 1956 y 1951, fue una de las primeras mujeres copilotos profesionales de la historia, sino la primera. But with the help of other copilot illustrations, like the mythical David Stone – accompanied by Vic Elford and his victory in Montecarlo – the most famous Stuart Turner, the boss of competition from Mini.

When it comes to contact with three absolute victories and a number of podiums in international rallies, five times the champion of Europe femenina, ocho veces ganadora de la Copa del Damas del Montercarlo and el reconocimiento de todos sus adversarios. He died on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of his death.

Corrió con todas las marcas imaginables: MG, Mini –Morris–, Austin, Ford, Saab, Lancia, Alpine e incluso Toyota. And now Mini has launched a special series with your name to save memory.


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