Nicolás Pieres. Decían que no podía jugar más, pero se opero y volvió: la emoción que alegró a todo el polo

First of all, the most beautiful, because of the uncertainty. Finally finished the life. Nicolás Pieres wanted to play polo and play at home again for many months, in los que llegó a estar en duda su continuidad. A brutal cause, a recovery of more habitual tape, a chronic condition and a delicate operation in the United States. Everything that happened last was Saturday, when the back of Ellerstina reapareció in an exhibition area in Palm Beach.

“The truth is that it is an allegory and an impressive experience”, Contó Nicolás in a telephone dialogue with the nation. “I don’t know, but I can get a little nervous. The first days that made me want to be a raven, because he also had to go for a long time ”.

Los preparativos para el regreso, a pura ansiedad para Nico PieresAgus Fonda / @ agusfondapl

The recourse to the canvas, celebrated for the whole ambience of polo, is produced in an exhibition with fine benefits denominated in the 40-Goal Polo Challenge. The meeting, located at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida, is open to the attention of chukkers and we have the intensity of a lot of points, but we don’t have a lot to do with a total recovery that is good. no tiene fecha fija, cada vez se avizora más próxima.

How the doctor said

“I feel very well. Accepted playing the game because he had three or four tranquil practices in Coca-Cola [su equipo en Estados Unidos] and Venice is well underway, advancing with rehabilitation, ”continued Nicolás. “We want to be with the doctor and with the coach who, when I feel like it, is able to support and really believe that everything is very good. I feel perfect. I feel comfortable coming from the caballo, I’m sure and everything. Now it is a desire to play a game, to work and to play rhythm, which is what you can do when you want to have a cabaret ”.

The Nicolás team is complemented by Guillermo Caset and Adolfo Cambiaso and his Poroto team. Enfrente, Eduardo Novillo Astrada (h.), David Stirling, Hilario UIloa and Diego Cavanagh. The final score of 7-7 anecdotal result in the state of the new arrival of a cable.

“I feel perfect, now it’s a rhythm of rhythm”, by Nico PieresAgus Fonda / @ agusfondapl

“We are looking for a few pendents to see how we feel, but we have a goal of 100 yards and some others ‘yes, you will,’ said Sapo Caset. “Have a nice moment for your family, and for us to find what we can do with this party, too. I love you, I love you, I trust you to be more important ”.

Aquella caída que lo sacó de yuego

On the 23rd of October, Nicolás Pieres offered a stepping stone to Ellerstina by the Abierto de Hurlingham, before La Dolfina Brava in the AAP district in Pilar. The caballo trababilló con el de Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade, que se había pialado justo delante de él, y pracciamente aterrizó patas para arriba sobre la nuca del jugador. I want to buy this dish. I was able to stay for minutes, inconsistently, in front of a hospital in the Australian Hospital, paying for the recovery, but without being sensitive to extremities. Afortunadamente, nunca estuvo en riesgo su vida ni sufrió ninguna lesión y sólo permaneció 24 horas en observación. No obstante, le quedó un cosquilleo en las manos y salió a la luz una affección que padece de nacimiento: tenía el canal medular maš estrecho que lo normal, lo que lo hacía ma susceptible a que los golpes repercutieran en las cervicales.

The recourse to the canchas is demoraba and for Palermo, in the full dispute of Abierto, a circular event that will not be able to play polo again. This is a crucial decision: the United States will take part in a delicate operation. “I opened the canal medullary. I enter you at the end, I open you, you sing the canal, which is the reason for the story of the nation. Now I have something normal, like any other person. Trembling. A spectacle! ”, The festival was held in the evening of the three hundred varones of Gonzalo, 30 years old.

The gift of everything in the ambience of polo, in addition to the affection of your family, is decisive to attract those days of uncertainty. “I’m proud of everyone,” Nico said. “Many family members, many young people … all the world gave me the opportunity to say goodbye, the war of charity in different moments, in the midst of the time when I was playing Abierto and I didn’t know what was going on and I was playing my future. When I hope to be informed and decide to operate in the United States, I have a tremendous income ”.

A full career, followed by Pelón Stirling
A full career, followed by Pelón Stirling

In this context, the German Gonzalo and Facundo debieron hacer frente al Abierto. Ellerstina was the most favorite of the La Dolfina tour, but the concert was played by the state of Nicolás, but they didn’t want to express it at the end of the day and their potential was to endure the final one.

“Palermo desde abajo se ve raro”, says Nico. “Yo, como estaba un poquito más deskonnectado en cuanto al polo y viendo qué me esperaba, qué tenía que hacer, quál era la deserción correcta, me tomé un tempo y justo coincidió cuando se jugaba Palermo. Always looking out of the way is more raro, more feo, more incomodo. That’s what happened to me. Como digo, si me tocó mirarlo de afuera fue por algo. Hay que mirar las cosas del lado bueno ”.

The head of the team who was in the family, and one of the players of the La Natividad fue Polito Pieres, first German and companion suyo durante cinco años in Ellerstina. Apenas terminada la final, al costado del podio antes de la premiación, al primero que llamó fue a Nicolás. “You are here in the United States, I said. Me llamó justo antes de subir a la entrega de premios por FaceTime y estuvo muy lindo, fue muy emotivo. I am very grateful for this tambourine, ”he said. “Una vez que Ellerstina ya había quedado afuera obviamente quería que ganara Polito. I don’t care what the award is, that it’s a bonus for him, for his family, for his organization. That’s what I have a lot of content to do. “

Nicolás Pieres y su deseo: volver a ponerse la camiseta de Ellerstina
Nicolás Pieres y su deseo: volver a ponerse la camiseta de EllerstinaEllerstina

Are you sure you want to be able to compete competitively? “I want to be trained, to learn physically and to play rhythm and practice. I do not want to return a refund: a week, 10 days, no lo. When I feel good and 100% safe, with the money to return to the couch, you can save the moment to play a game ”.

Festeja Nicolás, festejan los Pieres, festeja todo el polo. Collected the motives.

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