New women’s leagues and solar equipment, gestures made easy

The creation of new feminine leagues, as the most clausurana in Saudi Arabia, is presented as an advertisement for aperture in some countries, even a lot of distance from the consensus of the international players of the United States, which he said. your homologues in the selection of men from six years of complaints

The paper that can support the need to advance in a matter of equality is a competing argument for different tendencies, which sometimes includes more in its programs for commenting on the practice of feminine practice and increasing the investment in the current situation. of crisis.

In front of this and in total contrast is the situation of the Taliban regime, which has been restored to some of the mediums in Afghanistan, where the women have banned the deportation and restriction of education and work. Nilofar Bayat, a baloncesto selection team in the village of Billoo, can be found in Bilbao, where he joined the Bidaideak BSR team.


These five players from the United States women’s football team and the Federation of this country will endorse the dispute over whether there are any discriminatory conditions.

Ambas partes anunciaron un acuerdo por el que las internacionales tendran el mismo sueldo que los jugadores del equipo masculino y recibirán 24 millones de dólares como indemnización.

The dispute between the young statesmen was initiated in 2016 when the International Cinema, Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd, Becky Sauerbrunn and Hope Solo, presented before the Commission on Opportunities and Equality in the United States of America (Discrimination).

Three more goals, 28 members of the selection team of the Federation for our motives in a federal court of California (EEUU).

The selection of women who have won the World Cup (1991, 1999, 2015 and 2019), a team dedicated to the masculine team, which is not a beach square for the front of the World Cup of Russia 2018 and will play a qualifying round for Qatar.


Arabia Saudi Arabia inaugurated in September training centers for children and youngsters with a goal with the objective of promoting the sports between women and to impulse the first official league and the first selection of women’s football.

The country, which allows the feminine sports with restrictions, always respecting the policy of sex separation, can be promoted by the patronage academy for the sake of the “talents”, within the plans of aperture and modernization. The 22nd of the women’s football league was inaugurated on November 22, with 16 teams.

Pese a hacerlo sin la presencia de camaras de televizion ni periodistas, con una difusión miníma dentro del país i con acceso a las gradas solo con invitación, el último 12 de enero la Federación de Arabia (SAFF) quiso calificó la celección de la competition “un sueño cumplido”.

The 20th of February, the selection of the Saudi Arabian woman, trained by the German ex-girlfriend Monika Staab, discussed the issue of an international match before the Seychelles, which was held 2-0, in a friendly celebration in the Maldives.


The last edition of the African Copa, in which Senegal won the title of the Egyptian title on penalties (4-2) on February 6, the start of a barrier with the designation of an arbitrator to be part of the arbitration teams and conduct a party.

The Rwandan Salima Rhadia Mukansanga, an 33-year-old international referee, took part in the Games of the Olympic Games of Tokyo, in which she met in the prime of the country that conducted a meeting in Inglaterra-Chile.

Prime Minister of the Rwanda also formed part of the World Cup referees, participating in the latest women’s debate in France in 2019, Mukansanga integrated the Guinea-Malawi arbitral team and conducted the Zimbabwe-Guinea choir.


These are some of the most important countries in the Taliban regiment and the province of Bilbao, Nilofar Bayat, the captain of the Afghanistan selection of balloons in the ruins of the world insured that it is “a test” that is not in the country. hay futuro, ni esperanza, ni nada por lo que volver “.

In the image of the world in the world as many civilians as a traitor to take a plane to hunt the extremists of the Taliban, which implies practicing sports to oblige and oblige to intercede for clandestineness, in different places to be desperate. como se atrevieron a narrar algunas de las integrants de su equipo national de taekwondo.

“Hace unos meses soñaba con ser chapeona, no solo en competsionales internacionales sino también en los Juegos Olimpicos, pero ahora me tengo que quedar en casa y ni squiera puedo ir al club”, dijo a EFE Farzana Frotan, para quien su participación en el The 2015 Taekwondo World Championship is a gold medal in the 2016 International Open of Tajikistan.

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