Missions is a province with a hacedonian culture

In other words, the vanguard of education and education, the province of the Missions in the March of the Moon, the 2022 educational cycle of disruptive education, a single property in the country. Y como viene ocurriendo desde hace varios años, cada vez que se presenta en sociedad las differentiali arterias del ecosistema del conocimiento, el ingeniero Carlos Rovira hizo su aparición publica i ante medios de prensa, para dejar varias fraas que marcan el rumbo de quo Vienna.

The nave of the Polo Tic, inside the Innovation Park in Posadas, has an elegant screenplay for the President of the Chamber of Representatives to accompany the initiation of the classes of the robotics school, the secondary of innovation, the capacities of Silicon Missions and el Polo Tic y conocer, de primera mano, los desarrollos tecnológicos que ya se exhiben en la zona de Nemesio Parma.

“Come on, I would like to see the results. This is a distinctive element of rhetoric, because of the heights of our country ”, said the first words of Rovira, in the fashion of synthesis. “Imponer culture is a process of long time and culture maker, hacedora, las ciencias duras, sonaba a mu difícil y me atrevo a decir que chemos desarrollado la culture hacedora en la provincia”, agregó.

Accompanied by the Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad, the Vice-Governor Carlos Arce, the Intendant Leonardo Stelatto and the Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, Hugo Passalacqua, Rovira it is an important element, more than money and arms ”.

I learned that “the school of Robotics is also close to the province, where other districts have come to learn” and that, with the educational strategy, “we are giving an irreversible step to attract all the intelligence of the province. This is the convocation we want ”.

Aggregate that “the mission is due to the opportunity of all, but that he wants to wait for the children who want to learn, because this is a new society startup, but has a capital of economic capital without a superador that is convenient.”

“We have the best educational offer from Argentina”, said Rovira

Oscar Herrera was joined by Carlos Rovira.

Open the cross

From the tribune, the members of the periodicals and assassinating the intervention of the conductor of the Renovation, the ministers of all countries, the provincial and national administrations, the prime minister and the second line and representatives of the decentralized districts of the province , the pioneer is more close to the people.

This is our vocabulary, appealing to the pedophiles of officials, “who will be able to work with the governor and the vice-governor in the circle with the people, because they are just like that.”

“The ministers and secretaries will be able to take over the governor’s office and vice versa and be in the trill, as some missionaries do,” said Rovira.

En ese mismo eje, ponderó a sus laderos, “porque acá estoy compartiendo la mesa con los politicos de mayor predicamento de la Nación, como el gobernador más valorado como Herrera Ahuad, el vice Carlos Arce y el mejor intendente del país, Lalo Stelatto. Todos, together with the former governor Hugo Passalacqua, spoke of a mismo eje, al servicio de la gent, aleandose de las passions and convocándolos a hacer ”.

Marcó Rovira quo junto a, gobernador, “hay un trabajo muy intenso, el doble del año anterior”, y enumero algunas acciones recientes que demuestran la previsibilidad de los actos.

“It has been a long time since a long-lasting energy of the only line of high tension that took place in Yacyreta and that is burning for the incendiaries in Corrientes. Different from the situation in the Missions where we can solve the anticipation of the foxes of fire ”, Rovira expresses.

Ayer se realizó la pertura del ciclo lectivo 2022 de la disruptive education.

Of the veto of the orders of the Order

In response, Rovira said to record some questions about the renovation of the governor and the famous advertisements, “which is the governor of Claudica, for the record and recourse of the national authorities for the missionaries”.

According to the President of the Chamber of Representatives of the Mission, “the result of the gestures will be many times with the art of politics, but the questions of the pendents as the special zone of adversity that I am a convent that is salty. You are not good, you are the best ”.

Reveló Rovira que “ya le dijimos al presidente Alberto Fernández que, así como vetaste la ley, te pedimos que saque el veto, porque lo que estamos reclamando ya es ley. The veto de la zona aduanera especial es transitorio y puede ser revertido ”.

In the margin of the pedicel for an area with impressive benefits, Rovira finds that “the actuality of our province is the most important thing in the pandemic, which transcends the major manner of grace in a system of extraordinary health, modern and understanding of all things. we have a provincial imperative system that cobras men and women in the missionary mission ”.

“We have more than a decade of fiscal equilibrium and we finance the country and the strategic strategic functions, because of the participation in the federal government, because of the missionaries who support us more than what we want from the nation,” he said.

However, in addition to the allocation, Rovira volvió sobre el pago de impuestos en Misiones, “porque nosotros no le regalamos ningún tributo a los empresarios, esa es la diferencia con otros modelos tan disímiles”, en clara allusion to the gobierno correntino. “Nadie le gusta pagar impuestos, pero el impuesto es una obligación”.

“We are trying to keep the tributaries in front of us and really take care of us because we want to take care of the population, but this is not a school to win in the Missions as it is closed,” he said.

It also refers to the trucks of soybeans “which lie in the Missions with the intention of eluding impulses. Forman part of a large swimming pool that is not in the province, because we have an economic and distinctive model, because we have the control of the institutional control of the Missionary Tributary Agency, which with technology makes it possible and we are responsible for the impulses ” .

Care of the environment and agriculture

Another topic that transversal durante todo el encuentro con los medios de prensa, fue la bússqueda permanente “hacia la sostenibilidad del mundo agrario, respetando el medio ambiente”.

In a brand that adheres to the missionary space, “let’s present a day to eliminate glyphosate, one of the veins that generate industry and the light of the climate change collected in the rains for elimination.” Aggregate that “in missions we have herbal products that are totally organic to replenish the glyphosate”.


Medica que Rovira respondéa requerimientos de la prensa, deslizaba algunos objetivos a corto y mediano plazo para la provincia.

In the energy quest there is a hope that waiting “in 3 years, to share the solar energy, generate the thought that he is the generation of Uruguay”.

He was passionate about responding to the project of Costanera de Posadas, “which he initiated when he was intent on the idea that he was very busy, when he went to Laguna San José to practice sports.”

Insistió en que Posadas, “no podía vivir de espaldas al río y ahora tenemos una ciudad que se va a convertir en una ciudad balnearia porque, así como está El Brete y la Costa Sur, tenemos que completar ahora la Costa Oeste, con playas en this is also a sector and quiz for the year we live, and we are talking to Lalo ”.

The missionary votes

The agreement with the FMI also forms part of the answers of Rovira who said that “it was very difficult to stop and stop the court. And if we stop for a little, the refinancing is bad, because I don’t have to solve the problems of the people and many men from the missionaries ”.

This prologue is to refer to the role of the national deputies of the Front of the Concordia Missionary, united by the Interblock of the Provinces of the United Nations, “who have the opportunity to participate. Votes claves their missions to facilitate the issue, but to discuss a new agenda for the province.

Sign that “we need more lines of energy, routes, airports, more allocations for education, for production, to continue with our development”.

In relation to the incendiary events that give the missionary part of biodiversity, Rovira insures that “there is no one in the game of the Selwitz matrix of the province. We have a great chance to take care of the people ”.

And the moment in which the mayors applauded applause when he heard the conflict in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, abogando por la paz, juntos ”.

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