Miguel Polo Polo went to Netflix to retire from the series ‘Juanpis González’:

The aspirant to the Chamber announces broadcasts of shares for Netflix saque de su plataforma la serie sobre sobre Juanpis González PHOTOS: Instagram / Archivo particular

The controversy of the protagonist for ‘Juanpis González’ y Miguel Polo Polo, no detiene, al menos en redes social. As a result, the aspirant to the Chamber announced that he was accepting legal actions against the personage that the humorist Alejandro Riaño had.

And the fact that González Pombo’s song was in his humor routine against the Nazis in Tolú is not guarded by any of his Twitter account indications that he will find a request for insult and call: “Señor Riaño. I don’t know, but the 220 article says that he has the other person’s affirmations to include in pennies between 16 and 54 months of attendance and in the midst of 13 to 1,500 minimum salaries, “he said in a video clip. mediante un trino.

Now, the aspirant of the Congress of the Republic will have more communication in the platform platform, together with the team of lawyers, send a map to the Netflix platform asking to retire from the series about “Juanpis González” and, by the way, has 10 views in Colombia.

Assimilation, in the publication of the adjective that “The girls are being punished by the ball ¡Discrimination in the game!”

On Twitter account, the aspirant at the Camara dijo who fights Netflix that cancels the series 'Juanpis González' PHOTO: Via Twitter (@MiguelPoloP)
On Twitter account, the aspirant at the Camara dijo who fights Netflix that cancels the series ‘Juanpis González’ PHOTO: Via Twitter (@MiguelPoloP)

Cabe mencionar que, minutos despuos de publikato este anuncio en la cuenta de Polo Polo, Alejandro Riaño comparió la que sería una respuesta hacia el cordobés y que también dio a conocer en su profili officio de Twitter.

“The 14th of March with a lot of taste for what I think. Yo no le voy a hacer campaña a NADIE. happy day ”, edited by bogotano el pasado jueves 3.

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What happened to Netflix’s response to the Polo Polo petition?

Ninguna. At the moment, the streaming platform consumes more of the world but is not respected in its social networks, but when it comes to the aspirant to the Netflix account in the trio dondo dije that will open a map of the court of the Juanpis Gancolation ; the series’.

Así initió el rifirrafe entre el candidato al Congreso y Juanpis González

In the program ‘The Juanpis Live Show’, the personaje interviewed the actor and model Omar Murillo; and in the middle of charla, González Pombo cataloged Polo Polo as “a black man very poor, black and gay”.

In full dialogue, he asked: “Robar es jodido, Polo Polo primo suyo, mire cómo lo hace. He is a black man very much, from the Democratic Center. If, of the family, you are very pure because you want to give the gift to someone who is still alive and well, black and gay, you are good ¿What do you want in our party? ”

In response, the activist politician also reported a response to Riaño, citing the penalty code and the record of sanctions that could be used to affect the number of other people, and posteriorly, as a comedian to show privates of private money. cuales el se ha appropriated illegally. “If you don’t have a penny, you will be punished for the manner of penalties for insults and calluses,” he said.

Include, affirm that Riaño is one of the critical critics of the queens evaden impuestos, pero a la vez es “One of those we miss is the critical thing.”

Finally, I apologize for inviting other adversaries to the bogotano: “Sea varón, love the pants, have character and talk in the name of propio. You have a lot of personality that you can do and create fictitious personalities because you have to talk about real estate ”.


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