María José Alcalá, title of COM: Demonstration of what he has done

On November 11, 2021, there will be a historic day in the Mexican sports. For example, at the age of 98, a woman won the presidency of the Mexican Olympic Committee. María José Alcalá Izguerra fue la triunfadora de la elección. An interview with MILLENNIUMLa Afición, Mary José spoke about the death of a woman in the sports and the rest that she has to do en la silla del COM, como fortalecer la imagen del organismo y buscar sus propios recursos para el apoyo a deportistas.

The first example is that he wants to organize, because he is also a deputy and president of the Federal Chamber of Commerce. The former clown was lying on the cargo for preparation, for the love of sportsshe is licensed in law, she has a masterpiece in public organization and a master in sports organizations, and with all her experience in sports she can wait for the huel of an angel.

When you do, what do you think?

As women, we are the ones who are permanent members of the federation presidents, we have a great interest in participating. Dos mujeres llegamos a encabezar las planillas. When I saw that he won and was a triumphant contingent, I dont know what he said, the story of what he planned to do, and he said “now with work, with dedication I will demonstrate what I can do and what I want to do.” It is a difficult, complicated, difficult thing to have a political policy, but it is also possible to negotiate for good results. It’s a good deal in the economic sense, because we have to find and search for the recurrences that athletes can play in the Olympic world.

What happened to the first lens that you plant?

I want to organize the loads of cargo, I want to see what kind of lenses you have. In the way of strengthening the justice of justice and in the COM follow the formation of the image with transparency, with respect for the fact that COM is being organized and respected. Teniaa claro el objetivo, buscar los recursos para que el COM y el Centro deportivo olimpico estén abiertos para el publico i para las delegations, para las elecciones nacionales.

¿Qué hace falta para mejorar la condier de la mujer en el deporte?

I believe that all failures have been made in all disciplines of sports the participation of the motherno solo como un tema salud, sino de desarrollo para la mujer deportista, que pueda tener la posibilidad de estudiar, también si elige casarse y ser madre, o si elige ser madres soltera tener todas las condiciones a favor, tener un pago igualitario , que todas puedan tener esos derechos, así como tenemos las mismas obligaciones laborales, pero ahí siempre hay una diferencia en cuanto al pago con las mujeres. I believe that following the image and strengthening the image of the Olympic women, women who are transcendent as a Maria Espinoza as a maximum medal winner, as a Laura Sánchez, as a Paola Espinosa, as a sports deportee with an arch, we have a lot of love and creo that we have the rest of the world that has made me die in sports, I don’t want to be victimized. We are considered to have a classification system, but it is not easy to do so.

Are you missing what the most important things to do in sports?

When you are free of hands and hands, I want to, I also want to ask you to be prepared, I have the obligation to prepare and know the rules of the game for respect and application. In the fields of management we have a return, we have many more women in the associations of municipal sports, states, in the countries that can represent Mexico in games, arbitrators, international conductors, but for example, in the country there are two women at the front of the court, in the important spaces of transcendence, such as Conade and COM, and we have the ability to dialogue, the endeavor to give results. This is a part that historically we live and want to value.

Ha Qué ha sido lo más difícil que has pasado hasta hoy?

It is changing paradigms. It is not easy to give results, to demonstrate that women are capable, that we are here for these spades. From the deportee of discipline, perseverance, he is trained with men, he allowed me to limit, he did not spare me, he did not tell me that he was not allowed to do so. He has different skills, but now he has to help you with the tools to work in the team, to prepare, I thank you for your sports skills to teach him to be with you; entonces, yo creo que las mujeres ahora estamos tomando un rol diferente.

In this epoch hay algo que hubieras querido que fuera diferente?

What hubiera women trainers. In my epoch no existence, now there is a lot of participation. We also have taboo words that we can find out how to have sexual intercourse, we have to look at the line of respect in this type of actions, we are working on a gender agenda that will empower women by their abilities, who will be able to die. to express that you can have the freedom to act respectfully. El COM is working on this paradigm and has an agenda of 2022 to 2024, this is important.



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