Karla Tarazona regala juego de dormitorio a esposa de Andy Polo tras denuncia de infidelidad | Magali Medina farándula | Celebs United States Genesis Alarcón SPECTACULOS

The integral of Peruvian selection Andy Polo continues in the eye of the torment over the series of events realized on the stage, Génessis Alarcónabout the physical aggression against him and from him with the pension of food from two houses.

MIRA: Andy Polo about the events of his life:

The young people of 27 years ago will be present in the program of Magaly Medina, but this is a show to demonstrate that the actual player of Portland Timbers the child is a child of infidelity with different colors.

I have been humiliated, I have been harassed, I have been infiltrated with my wife, because I love him, because I have seen conversations, because I want to be a lot more ”.

Hijos de Andy Polo pasaron de vivir de EE.UU. to sleep in a furniture in Barrios Altos

A better situation for football players Andy Polo at the house of Génessis Alarcón. I love the girls in a conditional furniture that can be found on your mother. This is the weight that the player got from 200 million soles a month.

Alarcón, in the presence of Polo, which also enjoys the space of convivencia eran los Estados Unidos y Miraflores, zonas donde tenian todas las comodidades de un estilo de vida de calidad.

Karla Tarazona and her bookshelf for Génessis Alarcón

Karla Tarazona y su esposo Rafael Fernández no fueron ajenos a la situation de abandoné que atraviesa Génesis Alarcón, pues la pareja decidió donarle un juego de dormitorio, así lo confirmó Magaly Medina.

“We have to write to Karl Tarazon and I will be able to send him to the dormitory for what your children can be comfortable with, as you will not be able to pay for the money that you have paid for.” I have to help you, in the total amount, just to stay in the woods ”, precision.

Josetty and Génnesis Hurtado for rent a department for home games in the open

You denounce publicly what Andy Polo he has lost his clothes, but he doesn’t have to live until he gets in touch with people to cover the event, Genesis Alarcón reciboio el apoyo de las germanas Josetty and Génnesis Hurtado.

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The hijas of conductor Andrés Hurtado met with the house of joven madre, who was obliged to sleep in the living room of the abuela, in the area of ​​Barrios Altos.

Before this situation, the Germans announced that they would be able to spend months with a department for Genesis and their two-year-olds had to deal with the legal situation with the footballer.

Only to see a month

Génessis contó a Magaly Medina que solo les da víveres una vez al mes y que luego no da dinero para gastos extras.

Igual manera, Polo ha dejado desamparados a sus hijos en cuestiones de salud y escolaridad, pues no tienen cómo solventar gastos en klinicias i tampoco en un colegio, según declacaciones de Génessis Alarcón al programa ‘Magaly TV, La Firme’.

Al visible abandona de sus hijos, hay que agregarle las incontables infidelidades que cometió el delantero contra su esposa, quien además lo acusa de violencia familiar y aggression física.



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