José Orellana: “Family will be a tourist tourist with the best infrastructure”

The intention of Famailla José “Mellizo” Orellana can be transformed into a city in a tourist place with better urban infrastructure, service and attention. Make sure you work hard, looking for new products and capacity for most. He confesses to politics that he expects his election.

– What is the balance of your two years?

– We have advanced gardening in urban areas. Very paving, lighting, multiple living room, parking and equipment. We are separating and translating the residues to another place. We are looking for new machines to repair the car park. It is important to bid on the plant of liquid treatment of cloacales with red collector. Tambén vamos a instrumentar la repavimentación de todas las avenidas centricas. The tambourine terminal is also in the process of adjusting. El Parque Industrial is under construction. Here we have 3,000 entries for work. El Cementerio Jardín is on the other side. It is actually in the center and is closed.

– Is there a project to consolidate Famailla as a tourist destination?

– This community has won the appreciation and recognition of the visitors of all parties. It is a very strange city. We are always committed to tourism. These are the first to sell the companies, other foods and artisans. We prepare our people for competitive sea, good attention, quality products and good price. Here is the continuum, the good treat, the goodness and the good price he has converted to Famailla in a very visited municipality. With the time being a tourist city with the best infrastructure and attention. We apostatize.

– How is your relationship with the conceived?

– Tranquila, normal. We have different political differences. Aun estando en el Frente de Todos (FdT) hemos militado en distintos espacios en las internas del año pasado. But the relationship is very harmonious, with respect and construction work in the team. Politics runs through the state and the institution through the other. This is a failure to take us to some other places where we live when the elections take place. There are some things that affect the aspirations that I have.

– And the elk with the governor Osvaldo Jaldo?

– Las internas pasaron y cada uno ha competitive and hizo su juego. Now we are in a collective community that is all right. Hay que gobernar para los tucumanos y en mi caso para los famaillenses. The personal aspirations of each one will be exposed to time. El peronism tucumano tiene que estar unido Y quienes tienen el manejo del partido, cargan la responsabilidad de decidir y conducir en unidad. Here it is (Juan)
Manzur y Jaldo.

– How is it political in the province?

– In 2022, we will be able to show and show results. The 2023 is one of the definitions. We can only enjoy our experience in the best conditions. El gobernó el país tendrá que demonstrate que ha conseguido trabajo, que a la gente comenzó a alcanzarle la plata. Quien gobierna Tucumán tendrá que exponer qué está trabajando fuerte en seguridad, administrando en form ordenada y que está consiguiendo recursos. Aquí Jaldo lo está logrando. Y los que estamos en los municipios tenemos que demostrar que hemos sido capaces de hacer un trabajo en nuestro territorio para que la gente nos valore. I apologize for my continuity. Work for her.

– ted Usted cree que se superaron las diferencias entre Juan Manzur y Osvaldo Jaldo?

– No hay time for what rispideces. La vista la tenemos que tener en la unidad, aun forzada. But you don’t have to come here. En elecciones pasadas la unidad se dio desde abajo. There are many companions in the workplace, they are always quietaron. Como ahora está en juego la continuidad de todos, entonces ese interés individual va a beneficiar a lo collective. With the uniqueness of peronism in Tucumán va andar very well. Pasada las elecciones cada uno pasará a tener su pertenencia o espacio, lo que es una constante en este sistema electoral.

– Is your aspiration limited to the continuity of the municipality or can you ask for another project?

– The electoral clause en vigencia me permite mi reelección, lo cual no quiere decir que por mi experiencia no pueda tener las aspiraciones o los sueños de procurar un espacio de mayor jerarquía. The shape of the part of the game. But I have the ground and I have the pieces about the land. I do not want to be able to result. Now I have the opportunity to be able to work. All fashions to speak of candidacy are very temporal.

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