Iván Cepeda launched against Federico Gutiérrez for his critical accusations: “Ignorante o mentiroso”

Ignorant or mentoring, Iván Cepeda is against Federico Gutiérrez. Photos: Colprensa.

The pre-nominated Team of Colombia, Federico ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez has written a review of the critical principles of the agreement with the FARC and of the congressmen of the Communist Legislature in the Senate and the Chamber. These comments were not taken over by Senator Ivan Cepeda, of the Democratic Democrats, who recently received the decision.

Durante varios dialogues with communication media, as well as on Twitter account, the exalcalde de Medellín has communicated with the vehementism of the labs that the ex-combatants have discharged to repair the victims. De hecho, in an interview with Infobae, Fico envió varias críticas al respecto:

“Las Farc only interrogates 50% of the weapons, he does not interrogate narcotics routes, he has repaired a very old woman, he has never been faithful and the JEP has administered justice about these people who love to pay as much as he can. yo hablo de cumplir es a través de los puntos del acuerdo, las zonas PDET, donde el estado nunca había llegado, eso no es cumplirle a Timochenko ya Pastor Alape ya estos señores que tanto daño le han hecho al país, eso a cumli the camps where the state was located were illegal, because I created it in the inversion in the camp and in the most important areas ”, said Gutiérrez to the microphones of this portal.

Well done, I want to comment on that “Only he has 50% of the weapons” no cayó en nada bien al senador Cepeda, que actualmente compite por una curul desde el Pacto Histórico, quien no dudó en cuestionarlo y calificarlo con duros calificativos.

“¿Será que -Fico- no leído los leos informes de la Mision de la ONU en Colombia al Consejo de Seguridad? Ted Ustedes qué dicen: ignorante o mentiroso? ”, guestion el congresista, very close to Gustavo Petro.

Ignorant or mentoring, Iván Cepeda is against Federico Gutiérrez.  Photos: Colprensa.
Ignorant or mentoring, Iván Cepeda is against Federico Gutiérrez. Photos: Colprensa.

No hay que olvidar que Carlos Ruiz Massieu, Special Representative of the General Secretariat and Chief of Mission of the UNU in Colombia the disposition of the ex-combatants of the FARC has been removed in the implementation of water.

“I want to get the most out of the dialogue between the Commission of the Verdad between the victims and ex-combatants of the FARC-EP. Voices of regional disagreements, differences in positions and enduring experiences of conflict, and includes divergent perspectives ahead of the pact , commented Carlos Ruiz Massieu on the finals of 2021 in relation to information about how the process took place.

No obstante, tal parece que el exalcalde de Medellín no ha leído lo informado por la ONU, pues en su interrevista con este medio también cuestionó duramente las labores que ha realizado la Jurisdicción Especial de Paz (JEP): “I want to be clear: for my son we are the guerrillas and the paramilitaries, they are the deceptive rule. All deadlines are due to the misdemeanor, to the drug business, to the extremity, to the homicides, to the secretaries and I have no justification for it. I have the authority to talk about it, because I don’t have a weapon to assassinate a Colombian man, I want him to know that Colombia is superior to violence and here we have problems we have very much to solve with these groups that we have so much to the people ”, señaló Fico a Infobae.

For now, Federico Gutiérrez has not responded to Iván Cepeda, without embargo, to assume that the strong criticism of the senator is due to the constant criticism that the former governor of Antioch envía to the leader of the Historical Pact, with whom he differs from his country.


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