Is it normal to talk in high school with one mismo?

Exist a prejuicio sobre ese dialog en voz alta con uno mismo, pero desde la psicología se recognoce que puede tener sus beneficios en diferentes momentos de la vida. (Getty Images)

It is possible to communicate with other people. Without embargo, the people also talk with their thoughts in high school and it is normal. There is a preconceived notion of this dialogue, but the psychology recognizes that you can have the benefits of different moments of life. The key is to be distinguished when talking with one of us is conventional and when you can be a consultant.

“From the infancy, the human beings will be able to practice the conversation with our misses in high school. It was initiated as part of a game and is continuous in the adult ”, the newspaper said. Infobae licensed in psychology Adriana Guraieb, member of the Psychoanalytic Association of Argentina. “It simply came to our notice then. It is considered that someone is talking alone, it is considered a trastor. But I only have the benefits of having a consensus that can be found with one of us ”, said.

Self-conversion is a form of salvation to increase motivation, it is difficult to analyze or analyze a complicated situation. Accustom with Guraieb, al hablar en voz alta, a persona puede prepararse para una conversación que tendrá en los proximos dias por alguna situation lab, familiar o de pareja. “Permit transforming ideas in words, practice the fashion that you can talk to with other people, and give them a chance to work on participation in participation in some sports competence. Help me to trust in one of them ”, commented the specialist.

Permit self-talk to practice the mode in which you talk to other people, and give them something to decide / Archive
Permit self-talk to practice the mode in which you talk to other people, and give them something to decide / Archive

Also talk about a single person benefit when you are alone. “It simply came to our notice then. Speak, organize your thoughts and your feelings about the world to clarify what you are like to have pendents ”, he affirmed. Dedicar tiempo a the autoconversion can reduce the number of times, increase the amount and increase the productivity. “The autoconversation can allow the person to focal and acclaim an idea that perturbaba”, added the expert.

I want to talk to a psychologist Grace Tworekde Clínica Cleveland de los Estados Unidos, hay diferentes beneficios de la autoconversación. You can help decide on a situation and organize your memories as a form of elaborating a plan and making progress in the field.

Tambien “The autoconversion can be a powerful tool in a situation that requires more concentration”, explained Tworek. You can help reduce the stress before a complicated situation. Decirse: “Respira hondo. Todo va a salir bien ”, for example, you can serve the regular emotions when the day of a good day is unspeakable.

Consult for Infobae, Andrea Pierri, licensed in psychology and assistant professor at the Department of Family and Parents at the University of El Salvador, considered: “Listen to the train and have a dialog interior that the person can reflect on in a different way. But I have to have something to say a veces hay a rumiación de pensamientos negativei que no nos ayudan”. In these cases, “it is important to consult a professional health professional to confront the remarks that we do not have. The therapy can be a reflection to reflect on what we think, ”said Pierri.

For the Cleveland Clinic specialist, in the long run, there are some questions to consider in the self-conversion course. You can use the name in the place of a pronoun for self-distance and process the best conversation. Hay que mantener una actitud positiva. “If you speak negatively and in your opinion, you will not be able to help us in the end,” said Tworek. In a place where there is a fool with a miso, he wants to know that the conversation is more productive and productive.

So much, Mercedes Méndez, of the cognitive psychotherapy team and coordinator of the mindfulness meditation of the INECO Institute, also appreciates the benefits of speaking with one of us. “It is a phenomenon propio del ser humano. It is important that the person of the register who is talking about the conversation and what he has in the account of the content of the autoconversation ”affirmed the licensed Méndez.

When a person speaks in a pen that creates real conversation with another person, he wants to consult with a mental health professional (Getty Images)
When a person speaks in a pen that creates real conversation with another person, he wants to consult with a mental health professional (Getty Images)

“It simply came to our notice then. You are a person who is talking and cursing, you are recriminating in the manner of repetition, you are dealing with a negative conversation. It is important that there is an amateur conversation with one of us. What a person is enriched and empodized to take care of decisions. You are talking about a conversation with a negative content, you can start a boycott to the person in the number of decisions “, said Méndez.

It’s more, self-talk can be a problem in other places. When a person speaks in high altitude but the creek that is really talking to another person, often, is looking for a soloist who has pretentious attention. You can be a trastor on the north of the personalities and require the consultation of a professional on the mental health, ”said Guraieb.


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