I started the cycle of Education Disruptive 2022 of Polo TIC

Este lunes por la la tarde commenzaron officenament las las propuestas de marzo. Además, announcing the short courses for April. Luego de los anuncios, el titular de la Legislatura provincial brindó una konferencia de prensa junto al Gobernador y Vice de la provincia, el intendente de Posadas y el Vicepresidente 1 ° de la Cámara de Representantes.

El Polo TIC is characterized by the offer of formative courses in different frameworks of information and communication technologies. At the meeting of the press conference, which was held at the meeting of Ing. Carlos Eduardo Rovira, part of the initiative in 2022 of Disruptive Education.

In the Industrial Park and the Innovation, we designed the three properties for March: 3D design and impression (with CAD software), Fabrication and design of electronic panels (PCB), Programming with CRUD: Insertion of data management. The first few comments are the months that refer to the CRUD Program giving the initials of the world 9.

The properties are located within the cycle of Education Disruptive 2022 with more than a million missionaries. A video introductory video, you will find a series of videos from different students of the province that can support free and quality education.

Además, se anunciaron los cursos para april: Progración desde cero, Inglés en el mundo IT, Electrónica aplicada, Base de datos cero, Marketing digital, Programación fullstack con React Native, Videojuegos, Diseño UX / UI.

Accompanying Rovira, the Governor of the Province of Oscar Herrera Ahuad, the Vice-Governor Carlos Arce, the Intendant of the Posadas Leonardo Stelatto and the Provincial Deputy and Vice-President of the Chamber of Representatives Hugo Passalacqua.

The intention of the missionary capital to achieve the social and economic development of the province in a global context, with war and economic problems.

On the other hand, the Governor Herrera Ahuad said that more than 50 million young women were involved in various programs of science and innovation of the province. “Missions have transformed into a disruptive province in general, we have passed through the barriers of education alone,” he said.

There is also a reference to the province’s disruptive past, as well as a “present florence” that continues to work and create in the wake of a pandemic. I found the sanitary ware factory that works in the Industrial Park, which is said to be like “aggregate value and general work”.

Remarcó el desafío de continua aumentando la oferta en materia educativa, al paso que crece la demanda. “No jurisdiction of the Argentine Republic can give the point of learning to disrupt education because it has no structure,” he concluded.

On the other hand, the title of the Provincial Parliament commented: “Commuueve ver resultados. The hechos are los elements that allow afianzarnos. Celebrate the beginning of the calendar of the service of all missionary societies ”.

Rovira subrayó que este nuevo tipo de aprendizaje està presente desde el initia de la vida de los misioneros: , which defabría a los libros de texto ”.

“Comprovincial young people have the ability to open new concepts, the Maker concept. We have lost the culture of the hacienda in the Missions ”, sentence.

Asimism, Rovira expresses the complete installation of this type of concepts in a society:

“Concentration is the fundamental and substantial capital, more than the money of the weapons. el conocimiento es más importante que la plata, que las armas. We have the horrible of war. For this reason, the allegation of initiating another year is that Polo TIC illuminated everything in the province ”.

Finally, it is important that “it is always possible, but not to be punished, it is impossible to make it this time”.

Funds, glyphosate and used goods

A central aspect that conveys the act, the conversation continues through the questions of the generals that make it the cornerstone of the province. The Governor relates the results that will be realized by the team to coordinate the funds that were established in the Presupposition of 2022, finally declared at the Congress of the Nation (with the vote of the missionaries of the Countries of the Camby).

“About 90 million women are involved in political policies that have taken place in the institutional institution of the Province of the Missions,” Herrera said. We enumerate the consensus conventions in the ultimate months of energy material; of water supply, cloaca and sanitation, over vials. As he assisted the rural producers of the province that was viciously affected by the current events: the Banco Nación confirmed a financing of 5 million million pesos for loans and money and / or a lot of money from the market.

El Ing. It shows that “we need to work hard and double the year before all the areas of government” and announce the application of a law that substantially modifies the Agro sector.

“We are opening a huge step to the sustainability of everything in the agricultural world. This year we will work on a Ley that implies the elimination of glyphosate, one of the most important elements of the world. We have an example of an organic herbicide product that can re-plant glyphosate ”.

At the same time, it is clear that the differences with respect to the death of God. The difference from other jurisdictions, Rovira points out, “Missions have a ley that defies the endeavor to pay for current expenses, we have more than a decade of fiscal equilibrium.”

Relational to the front, the conductor of the Renovation hizo reference to the effect of the impressive recovery that realizes the province. The destiny of the money of the contributors is reflected, among other friends, in the infrastructure of the economy to control the incendiaries (the difference of the sea in most of the province of Corrientes), health and education.


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