How to improve sports performance with cognitive-behavioral model?

Measure the yield with the cognitive-behavioral model in the sportsmen is one of the keys to play with the most focused and motivated athletes.

How to improve sports performance with cognitive-behavioral model?

Last update: March 08, 2022

The sports are very physical. He also mentions and dislikes the emotions in the game, mainly in the elite athletes. For what it is, improve the performance with the cognitive-behavioral model is one of the defects that are planned in the sports world.

Definitely, the treatment of a therapy is due to the different aspects of the life of the sportsman, but only in the sense of physical resistance, also in the sense of emotional affect and conduct.

What is cognitive-conductive therapy?

To comment, it is fundamental to know what we are talking about when we say “cognitive-conductive therapy” (the TCC for its purposes). Se trata de un the method is due to the consideration and conduct y se llevan a cabo diferentes técnicas como la relajación.

The TCC lens is a combination of some mental distortionsas it is the cassock of las creencias and los pensamientos limítes, así como tamboén regular las emociones y mejorar los comportamientos.

On your own, this therapy is used to treat patients with depression, but they can also be used to include other mental influences, as well as the example of anxiety.

One of the bases of the TCC is that the distortions of retirement and conduct of adaptive activities have a paper that is very important in the desarrol of the psychological traverses and their posterior tenure.

It’s good to know what cognitive-conductive therapy is at the center of the problem and is action-oriented, because it is used by deportees and elite athletes, mainly at the same level of excitement.

How can we improve the sports performance with the cognitive-conductive model

The psychology of sports is a science that is in disarray, but it has been a lot of good results among athletes.

What he felt in the game was a lot of sensations like an example of appreciation, perception, motivation, reaction, and many other things. Don’t be able to take the mental aspect of psychology for better results.

Hay que tener en cuenta que a competency but always the gana el most fuerte, the most agil o el que está mejor physically prepared. When you have more emotions and memories, you have a lot to do with the final result of a competency. By the way, you can find the benefits of a cognitive-conductive therapy that is always the best result.

To improve the sports performance with the cognitive-behavioral model, we will be able to act on activities that will support us:

1.Gest the time

This is the key to the training. Any change in routine can increase performance of an athlete and he made her in the emotions and memories of the future, about everything in the moment of competence.

With the CC therapy, it is necessary to compromise and complicate the physical training program, avoiding the possibility of maintaining a comfortable zone.

2. Describe automation

All you have to do is practice sports in solitary confinement, and the difference is constantly motivated. Tennis players, girls, marathoners are the ones most affected by the lack of motivation, about all the things you have in the gym as they are waiting.

Entonces, see the differences in technical skills for which you can find motivated and satisfying, when you have everything you need to play against.

3.Ptentiate the action

I am also interested in the sportsmen, but not alone in the individual disciplines. Conduct the focus of attention to what is really important in the training or the place of competence is fundamental. A distraction can be paid very much, about everything in precision sports o en los que un microsegundo marca la diferencia entre una medalla de oro y una de plata.

4. Recognize negative emotions

Being desolate, anxious or depressed is more habitual than the creams in the sports. That’s it emotions llevan a que los atletas se autosaboteen. For her The TCC helped me to recognize when I was having negative emotions and I wanted to talk about transforming my favorites.

5. Adapt and socialize

If you are in the elite sports and competencies, you can play a good song of the hours of the day, the athletes will also have the opportunity to live in the gymnasium or the camp of the game. The cognitive-behavioral technique of the tools to be able to socialize with the people of the country and to support the quality of time with family and friends.

It can be seen, better than the sports performance with the cognitive-conductive model, but it is really important and can mark the difference between a winner and a perpetrator.

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