Here is the exact point of the moon on the moon

Since 2009, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has had a number of high resolution images of the Lunar Surface. These data, together with information on a laser altometer, allow you to create a specific map detailing the moon. NASA says that now you can determine with confidence any characteristic of the moon, including the exact location of the polo sur.

When the human beings recover from the moon, a “route map” is very useful for the fact that the astronauts find the exact fireplace. The LRO team has compiled an archive of “Rapid Map” interactive Where you can search and search for different regions in the moon.

Including the results of the LRO launch, the scientific team adopted a coordinate system for all data denominated in the Earth Mean / Polar Axis (Moon ME) coordinate system. This is now converted in the standard to make all the lunar dates.

The video of the arrival is a visualization of the data that shows the location of the moon on the moon. In the Moon ME system, the moon on the Moon is located in the edge of the Shackleton creek in a marked point with a red alfiler. The visual equipment team at the Centro de Vuelo Espacial Goddard says: Imaginas a Shackleton como una esfera de reloj muy grande con el dorso apuntando hacia la Tierra, el Polo Sur estam approximati a la mitad entre las diez y las once.

The topographic maps of the LRO include information on a laser altometer that can reach an area of ​​140 kilometers per second and mid-range ascents, descents, squares and fissures of the lunar surface with a precise pulse precision.

The map of the sample oIncreases the optimum quality of the brilliant points constantly in the Shackleton’s edge (SR-1, SR-2 and SR-3) and the connection board between the Shackleton and the shaft of Gerlach (CR-1, CR-2 and CR) -3), as an uncharacter permanently awake while waiting to be formed in the water. stable in superficies (De Speyerer et al., 2016).

in my book Incredible stories of space: a mirage behind the scenes In Missions Changing our view of the Cosmos, «the focus of the LRO project, the Dr. Richard Fondrak, who said that the LRO legend was the ‘Guía’ principal of the Moon, a cartographic guide to guide the future explorators.

“We can proportion the topographic maps of the moon with a space of quadrilateral as fine as the maps of senderism in the national parks of the EE. UU. ”, Said Fondrak. “We know how to see the moon with great detail, and we have a better conjunction with the shape, contours and the topography of the moon, which can be found in the body of the solar system. This includes Tierra, because the mayor is part of Tierra’s superficies. oceano, y el fondo del mar no está mapeado como la luna ».

You can see all the impressive images of the moon tomato by the Lunar Recovery Chamber (LROC) on the web site.

Title of the main image: Medida que la Luna se acerca al verano austral, el LROC puede ver mejor el àrea alrededor de la Antártida. One of the many objectives of the LRO mission is to improve our knowledge of the lunar map. [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]

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