Feminism will return to the streets of the 8M massive form during the pandemic, but it will be more divided

Tras la multitudinaria y polemica marcha de 2020, seis dias antes de que se decretara el estado de alarma por la pandemia, y la prohib prohibion ​​de convocar grandes manifestations the year passed, associations and platforms feminists vuelven a salir este 8M a la calle, pero lo hacen divididas.

In Madrid and other cities, various organizations have decided to unravel the traditional marches for reviving the “abolitionist” feminism of prostitution and to show the policies of the Igualdad Ministry, fundamentally to imply a way to consider that. historical history of women.

With the pandemic, we finally have the ultimate choices, it is an incognita when many people participate in the mobilizations. The organizers of the official march of Madrid, which is part of the Atocha and acabará in the plaza de Colón, commune with the Delegation of the Governorate in Madrid, which awaits a third of the protesters, mil.

The team of the Ministry of Igualdad, encabezed by Irene Montero, summed up the big event. He is ready to join the march to play tambourine “No a la guerra” and to restrict the importance of the division, recognizing that in feminism he has always had various opinions and debates.

In the course of the current internal affairs, the Trans-Socialist delegation also went to the traditional march. “The PSOE will be a feminist event that has always been important,” said Felipe Sicilia, who has written down the alternatives to the alternative market, which is the only one that impulses legislative initiatives to abolish prostitution.

The PP Tampoco is summarized on the alternative market, based on the number of parties. On the portavoz parliamentaria, Cuca Gamarra, ha insisted on what are free men who decide in every moment that is considered.

The popular participants in institutional acts and events in the whole country, from the conventions of “what a lot of fireplace to recorre” to alcanarism and that in this fireplace there are contagious tambourine with the men.

Desde Podemos, the porter Alejandra Jacinto, advertised the existence of an “international anti-feminist”, who had among his representatives the Russian prime minister-designate Vladimir Putin, and also calculated that feminism “is the most rooted” in the project of the extreme law.

You have the right to participate in the 8M mobilizations, an event that will be considered “absolutely discredited” because “the doctrine is against the common sense, the families and the union of men and women”, said the porter, Jorge Buxadé.


Bajo el lema ‘Ni esclavas ni heroínas, mujeres con derechos ya!’, El colectivo feminista agrupado en Galegas8M ha convocado maś de una veintena de actos de protesta para hoy, en el que reivindican la figura de la mujer.

There are events in more of a number of venues, located in Santiago at 7 pm on the 8th of March Square; Vigo, where the event ends at 7.30 pm at the Plaza de los Caballos; A Coruña, with the Arnel from the Obelisk at 8 pm; o Lugo, with a concentration in the beach Horta do Seminario at 8 pm.

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