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Once upon a time, Sebastián Basso played a cabaret. But not only that, dedica una gran parte de su tiempo a “curar” con caballos. He is exaggerated by the term, he is a doctor, he is a professor of equation, but he abstracts from a special vocation, so much as his alumni. The Municipal School of Equation of Alem, is one of the admiral programs for other municipalities.

Basso trabaja con chicos que tienen alguna discapacidad motriz o cognitiva, o bien provienen de hogares en riesgo, y hace posible la magic: el vinculo entre los chicos y los caballos se va convirtiendo en parte de la recuperación, en un hobe m , suma sonrisas, calma dolores. It’s time to sum up Yanela Salvatico, a psycho-pedagogue, and with her components of the perfect double to help with the best of the best.

– (Sebastián) We work together with girls who have some disability, and we also want to be in a social situation. These are the goals that will be discussed in conjunction with the Municipality, which will not endorse the project.

We recommend all the benefits that come from contact with the cable. Para lo motriz, el propio andar del caballo a veces simula, para los que no pueden caminar, lo movimientos que harían si lo hicieran. It is a form of better functionality, and also the quality of life of people.

– What kind of work does it take?

– (Yanela) Los chicos tienen su turno individual. Come one of the two weeks of the week, as required by the specialist. We are paying attention to the availability of hours, but we will always be at least one week.

– od Todos los chicos tienen la misma dificultad?

– (Sebastián) Cada caso es absolutamente particular, y asi lo tratamos. We take care of the medical derivation, we adapt the sessions. For the reason that we also reunite with the fathers to find out more about the boy and know the family’s expectations. To share that we are deciding what activities to do, what to use, to create a winch with the cable or to change, all this is planned to take care of every day.

– Debe ser reconfortante lo que hacen…

– (Yanela) Hay sin duda experiencias que nos dejan huella. We have a boy with autism, who can’t even get hold of the horse in an absolutely solo manner. For us we have a very important log.

– What is the role of the family?

– (Sebastián) En chos cas de de chicos en riesgo social, tuvimos el pacampañamiento también de la familia. In general, in the world of gustan los caballos, entonces venir se convierte en un paseo para todos. The chicos came with ganas, lo toman como un juego, y asi sin darse cuenta van mejorando sus patologías físicas i animica.

Nosotros no damos “el alta”. In some cases, the note is a major, but the differences are permanent, you have to work in the best of life, in favor of autonomy, as if the girls were sure to win. Y obviamente es inevitable que elaboremos con ellos un vínculo de affecto. The nature, the game, the cavallos, the ambience of affect, all these factors are facilitators to play the progress that we are looking for.

– What are the characteristics of animals?

– (Yanela) Los caballos necesariamente son mansos. Además, cada uno trabaja en una problematica particular. In this moment, for example, there is one that is in the process of integrating into equinotherapy, but it is timeless.

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