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The dream of Fabián Ángeles Reyes commented on his love for the cavallos, the love of the lion and the foundation “Ejoma”, A civic association killed in the northern zone of the State of Mexico that offers treatments with equinotherapy in children in a situation of disability.

From this very young man, he will be interested in the charm in the community of San Andrés El Pedregal, in Ixtlahuaca, where he can build a lot of time to build a ruedo in the pueblo.

My idea at the moment that the people will be enchanted by the charm and through this rudeness, will be brought together with the idea of ​​forming an escaramuza for giving impulse to activity; for him, a friend of our help and we hit“, relata don Fabián.

Recorded that in 1972 he joined the state administration to solicit, to the governors Salvador Sánchez Colín, albardas para las escaramuzas y, por fortuna, le dieron respuesta.

In a game that hizo el gobernador por la zona norte entregó las albardas y con el el commenzó más en formu es deporte en el pueblo, hasta que el grupo se fue diluyendo, ya que las interantes se fueron casando, entre ellas mi esposa, con la what a family name“, rememora.

The relationship with the cavallos in the term and in the presence of a family of menor in a situation of disability led to the return of these animals as an alternative to health.

Así, with the help of one of his children, is placed in the dream of equinotherapy mediante the association Ejomaan institution based on values, where you need to work in the balance of the person in an environment of inclusion, relata don Fabián.

Explica que una vez que reorientaron las bondades del caballo a la salud de los menores, comenzaron a tomar en serio el proyecto hasta que el primero de mayo 2015 lograron su certificicación, desde entonces realizan esta labor sin fines de lucro.

I think that with this work the life of many small people who are in this zone of this state are destined to live in their houses in the middle of what they say.“, express.

About the significance of the name of Ejoma, the president of the Civil Association, Ivanhoe Ángeles Contreras, a detail that is a masochistic convert to the castellan that signifies “madre que provee o tierra que da”, Y eso es lo que brinda la asociación: ayuda.

En estos casie siete años de vida, indica, si bien la ayuda de muchas personas ha sido vital para el proyecto, la asociación no recibe ningún tipo de apoyo gubernamental, por lo que las cuotas de recuperasión de quienes reciben las equinoterapias son para lo bás .

We have found the children who live in Michoacán and there are many houses where practical work is not included in the collection of family members and parents who help us to find their children.“, come on.

Between the services that offer free equinotherapy, therapeutic therapy, temporal stimulation with caballo, attention to educational training with caballo and psychotherapy.

The lens that practically has a place like a beach, enunciate the president of the civil association, work to consolidate and extend the project to other areas of the entity, to end the benefits of equinotherapy to more pequins.

The idea is that Ejoma exists and exists as a project of this type in most municipalities, of which, there is one more in the northern zone of Toluca led by Yadira Alonso.

Ejoma, like school

Necesidad de ser autosustentables, al no recibir ningún apoyo gubernamental, indica Ivanhoe, los ha llevado a optar por trabajar con estudiantes voluntarios mediante la modalidad de socialie service i praccias professionalis.

“There are students of licensures like psychology who come, they have their professional practices or their social service and change their professionalization, it means they are their time and ours is professionalization in the field of equinotherapy.“, come on.

The volunteers, relata, firman a card compromise with voluntaris por uno o dos años y una vez que cumplen se les otorga su certificado, ya sea auxiliar en equinoterapia y equinoterapeuta.

A pandemic is brewing

La pandemic of Covid-19 detuvo por completo a la equinoterapia y con ello la attención a niños en situacion de discapacidad, un sector que ha sido de los más olvidados en esta emergencia sanitaria.

The president of the civil association Ejoma, Ivanhoe Ángeles Contreras, explicitly states that he has been at the forefront of the pandemic and has kept a constant eye on small situations in a situation of disability.

Without embargo, it was recorded that the pandemic was lying and lamenting that it was due to the fact that it was close to the activities of this association.

Real ente no esto no hay ganancias, lo hacemos por el gusto y la vocación, es por ello que los gastos de la manutención de caballos realmente corrió a cargo de nosotros”, Enfatizó.

Detail that you are at the attention of children and all activities active in the Cape for the association to be paralyzed, to agree to a new place to stay in the pandemic and cedium, continue with the treatments.

Angels Contreras manifests that he also has an account with 10 caballos, but he is the only one who is ready to burn equinotherapists, and he is able to train them to realize the activities of therapists with the help of caballos.

The plight of the patients that we are waiting for are our children and we have to keep them safe, but with this pandemic in other countries it is very common to be infected with the flu, so we have to decide ”help.

Ahora, desde el mes de enero, explicitly, se retomó la attencio i actualmente los fines de semana se reciben entre 12 y 14 niños, pero se espera que aumente poco a poco el numero de niños.

Attention process

The president of the civil association Ejoma detailing that to accede to the attenuation is really a sensible process and has that with a quote.

As a first step, but to know, the agenda is to read and identify the diagnosis of the patient, if you have it, and if so, look for alternatives to follow.

After all, aggregó, the entregan los requisitos, entr el ellos certified medical, which also in the case of no tenerlo se les ayuda.

Posteriorly, the agenda of the new, above all, and the application of a socio-economic exam, to define the quota of recuperation that in the mayor’s office is minimal and symbolic.

The diagnosis is the map that allows you to go where and to sell our association that contaminates with an area of ​​psychology and a multidisciplinary group of patients and patients”, Recalcó.

Finally, an indication that there are variations in the history of exit, all in the mayor’s office that you have with a diagnosis given by the doctor who is generally reversed with the attention of the bride.


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