Egan Bernal bromea with the state of health to compare with a car

Egan Bernal provides a full plan for the recovery of the site of the accident that took place in the streets of the department of Cundinamarca. At the national corridor, it has been seen in good shape, with good sequels in the corner of our country to evolve to recoup more of the goals and goals of Colombia.

Mintras desde su casa, Egan ha approvechao para tener mucha interaction with its followers, al cyclist se le ha visto contestando algunas preguntas e including bromeando con su estado de salud, tal como lo hizo este lunes en horas de la noche por medio de su cuenta of Twitter to compare with a vehicle.

The trine generated such a great revue, which in just a few minutes you had miles of answers to the news that with its ironic comment. “If you want a car, do you have a sister? What a new home ??? ”, wrote the Italian Tour and Tour de France.

Mintras muchos aprovecharon para mandar un parte alentador al colombiano, otros sacaron sus mejores komentarios del repertorio, siguiendo el juego de Egan. “Neither one nor the other … A salvation. Normally, with good mechanics (in medical, physical, family, team, etc.), whoever has the same experience as a sister ”, one of the answers.

“Sister, but with good latenaries and painters you can be safe. 😂😂😂😂. It is important that it is not motorized and that it is not equipped with AirBags 😂😂. For q many failures KM for recorrer Campeón 🏆🥇🚲 ”, another comment.

Song of the Bogotá trances

Normally, Egan Bernal is proposing strategies in the middle of competencies para mejorar el desempeño de su equipo, el Ineos Grenadiers, pero ante la ausencia de deportiva, esta vez el ciclista puso a pensar a más de uno con una de esas ideas que solo se generan en los trancones de Bogotá.

Actually, the 25-year-old pedalist will be in physical rehabilitation for the cause of the accident that suffers from the 24th of January. Mintras supera una de las probebas maß difíciles de su vida, pone su empeño en volver lo antes posible a la bicicleta y hasta le queda tiempo para pensar en la movilidad de la capital.

Through the Twitter account, the zipaquireño dei entrever que no aguantaba el traffo de Bogotá, a situation that viven cientos de personas a diario. Y teniendo un gran alcance en sus sociales, puso sobre la mesa una initiatives that curiously no tiene que ver con montar en bicicleta.

For Egan Bernal, it is necessary to approve the public service and give priority in the streets of the Colombian capital, decongestion as you live in the city. “I am on the north side of Bogotá, and I can think … I see that the buses llevan a lot of people, in these houses you have to take a car that the priories are moving. What? ”, Wrote the champion of the Tour de France 2019 and the Giro de Italia 2021.

Be able to record that the cyclist of Ineos is the mayor of the time in Europe because his team is British, but he is constantly traveling through competencies.

Your comment is so exciting that your fanatics will be able to debate about mobility in Bogotá and others have initiated an initiative initiative to convert to the presidency, proving that this is an election. That’s it, in bromine mode.

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