Do you want to hire a staff trainer? Ejercicio mal dirigido no te acercará a tus objetivos y podría lesionarte

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Ejercicio mal dirigido no te acercará a tus objetivos y podría lesionarte

With the deporte nos pasa como con aquello que dejamos para mañana: necesitamos un empujoncito. Now, you have to have a personal trainer, a tendency, but do you really want to pay someone when you have to work hard to improve your sports in the park? Pues planteado así podría parecer que no, pero la explicación necesita matices. “We are new to the training and we have to work hard to find where we can leave the lack of motivation or make it easier for us, and we will be able to learn the lessons with a small exercise of an exercise. In this case, a trainer is useful “, said Martín Ezequiel del Horno, a staff trainer associated with the Gympass platform.

Y es que el ejercicio mal dirigido no te acercará a tus objetivos, da igual queras queras bajar unos kilos o preparar una carrera en unos meses, y una rutina no supervisada podría llevar a una lesión, insisten los expertos. “The user has a lot of information about training, physical and nutritional performance in the red. Without embargo, we need to identify what really works this person, building a routine with the variables we need to continue to progress, and that you always have to work, keep your temper and stay alive and be with you. to support a physiologically devastating minor », explains Adrián Plura, sports psychologist and personal training expert in Crossfit.

Avoid sustos

Contar con preparador o coach tampoco quiere decir que nos vaya a perseguir por todas las esquinas del gimnasio. Hay quien necesita a alguien al lado para que le dé seguridad en los movimientos para no hacerse daño en entrenamientos de fuerza, potencia o velocidad y otros que contratan a un spespecialista porque tienen una vida sedentaria y necesitan que alguien les eltive de initiate .

Es caso de Daniel Navarro, abogado de 34 años, quo conoció a su trenrenador staff hace un año, tras recomendarle su fisioterapeuta que realizara deporte para recuperarse de una lesión en el hombro izquierdo para eviyar la operación. On the preparation, you will be given the opportunity to try some of the sedentary life, the most common routines: first time in the street, working with your own property and with the exterior objects (banks and other elements of urban furniture) posteriorly, in a gymnasium. “It simply came to our notice then. I want to train with you in the form of a presencial and diary of the video videos of the routines that I realized », with a great deal of progress. “Now I have the money that I can only do without.”

«Estar en la zona de confor supone un menor desafío physiológico, si haces siempre lo mismo, al fial te vas a estancar»

More than helping him to maintain a sports routine, Daniel said something else: “He helped me to learn to be also a determinant in psychology.” Therefore, you can also train in the head. “We have a definite plan, this is a zanahoria that we intend to take with each session, a series of rehearsals. Tendremos la motivación, las ganas y el ímpetu para lograr lo que dijimos, sobre todo con las personas que no son tan constantes a la hora de realizar deporte », recalca Martín Ezequiel del Horno, que coincide con Adrián Plura en que manyos sus sus clientes “I have given you a account of what is the limit of what is in my mind”. “There are a lot of landlords who have a group of trainers who have an individual to break the barriers.”

The rest is important

Most of the sports performance, the specialists advised for this report also includes the attention to questions about the infrared people at the end of the day to make an effort: the rest and the state of the deportee’s health. “The rest, sleep, food and security of the working staff is impressive for any level of sports experience. The times can be different, but their importance is different. I think that everything I need to work on is based on the fact that you can recover from it, but you don’t want to lose it, you can do it all, ”said Plura.

View the importance of a personalized trainer in some cases, we understand that the person has experience, he is a habitual sportsman and he knows how to make the girls who are in shape. ¿Entonces? In this case, the specialists recommend a professional in the field, and the distance from the present form, “when you are a person who is eager to avoid escaping motivation”. There is also a person who wants to support the manner of continuity, “you pretend to prepare someone competitively as you can get through 10 kilometers of a carriageway, for example, a series of recommendations that prepares a personalized plan that allows you to live properly. reto que se haya elegido ».

Without training to train the coach

Conviene no correr en la elección debido a que un mismo memrenador puede ser excelente para quien busque correr una maratón o preparar una opposición op pruebas físicas, y no tan eficaz para una mujer que quiere quieu recueret tras el parto o para quien pretene initiarse en una nueva sports practice. “The trainer should be able to put you in a place and find your surroundings to establish a mediocre, reusable, realistic and constable time frame to take them to life,” said Del Horno.


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