Día de la Mujer: Silvina Moschini is the leader of the unicornio rosa

Genesis parity is a failure in all the ambitions, also in the business. It breaks the crystal technology but it doesn’t work, aunque, de a poco, hay mujeres que lo logran. Silvina Moschini it’s one of them. From Tandil natal traveled to the United States to study and all meet in the first time a latin american woman in a company in unicorn condition.

“El poder está dentro nuestro, solo tenemos que sacarlo”, asegura. In dialogue with TN, hace un recorrido de su carrera, de sus miedos y de las personas que desestimaron su valor. Speech on the issue of free economic freedom in the field and cultural mandate of the leading places of leadership: “The death of incoming women”

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Difficulties in meeting and influencing women who do not share the issue of women

Como para la mayoría de las mujeres, para Moschini understand no fire. Tuvo que romper el mandato familiar ligado a la equitación ya los caballos para initiar su propio camino.

You have to pay the price y, little by little, I want to convert to an entrepreneur who left a business with a valuation of US $ 1000 million in 2020, and what ahora is at 3200 million dollars”, Contó a TN.

The differences that should be found in the main league a personas que no creyeron en ella for your condition; to an ecosystem of businesses that is not prepared to accompany leading leaders by women, to the lack of opportunities. But, for the sake of revenge, this is the motive that will motivate you to disapprove of the system.

“We want to convert to an entrepreneur with a lot of jokes. Hubo mucha gente que me rechazó y que no creyó en mí, pero también muchos sí confiaron y me accompaniña en el camino. Los creeron y los que no creyeron fueron igualmente influyentes en mi vida como emprendedora, pero más los que no creyeron, porque la energía que se saca de la gente que no cree en uno es la motivación para triunfar. I say: ‘no me creas, simplemente mirame triunfar’”Moschini summed up.

In the very sense, I insure that “the power of the people who create and who do not create the same clothes for those who can make the best”. “The women we don’t want to be empowered, because the power is inside us, we only have what we want”.

“You want to be a princess, you want to be a castle builder”, the phrase that sent many great years ago

Moschini nation and creation in Tandil, province of Buenos Aires, in the hay of a family league in the world of caballos. When I was six years old, the pope said that he wanted to be great and, in addition to a patriarchal society, he answered with another question: what he wanted to do. The answer of his pope – in this moment of inadvertentness – sent many many years and a point of inflection in his life.

“Papa dies meyou can be what you want to be, and you want to be a princess is very good, but you have to be a princess who builds castles. I thought it was a phrase, it was a concept, but I didn’t feel it that I was very big and I thought that independence would always be empathetic to the paper, the ticket, is the capacity of power ganarnos como mujeres nuestro propio sustento”, Recorded.

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This is a phrase that makes a sense of adultery, a day of devotion, to be “the north” that you can convert to an entrepreneur and for that, you have to buy this lens, think of converting to an impactor and use it to be on the platforms de los negocios para ayudar a otras mujeres a hacer lo mismo ”. “I converted to an entrepreneur for lead independence and liberty economically to other women”, Aggregated.

Silvina Moschini works as a security guard, travels to the United States and defends the world of business

Silvina Moschini es TransparentBusiness founder, an ecosystem of companies that approves the need to connect businesses and talent; y de SheWorks!a company that approves technology to close the gender breach, follow the property description of the companies that lead.

Silvina Moschini

The creatures and those who do not create the creatures are equally influential in my life as an entrepreneur, but more of them are created, because of their motivation to triumph. They say: ‘I do not create, simply triumph.’

Además, is an executive producer of Unicorn Huntersa series of deals to connect high-potential potential companies that Buscan capital to win a valuation of US $ 1000 millionwith persons leading to the world that is looking for opportunities for inversion.

To put together these hits in the life of an entrepreneur, Moschini transit a long and “atypical” fireplace, like a delicious description. Take the United States to study when you have 24 years, but you can do a lot of questions about giving a job to spend a new night in other countries.

In this country I will combine the studios with one professional career exit in renombre companies. As part of the Patagonian Leadership Team, it was for sale at US $ 785 million (which is US $ 785 billion), but its projects are projected to increase the size of the corporate world. “I’m going to give you an enormous amount of salt in something that I hope: las .com”, he said.

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A disruptive idea in a market that does not have the opportunity to die

Save the corporate world from being a “very important point of influence”, because of the fact that he can also change the world, which can lead to disruption and change the shape of what you want”. If you decide to convert to an entrepreneur, but to take a new decision: to make a capital contribution to the project, because the investment funds destined for 2% of the capital in leading companies by women.

A single electric cigarette company costs US $ 10,000 million per year in all the countries of the United States of America, reclining US $ 2900 million, which is more than three of us.

Silvina Moschini works in companies that look for women who have economic independence to work and earn money.  (Photo: Gentileza Silvina Moschini)
Silvina Moschini works in companies that look for women who have economic independence to work and earn money. (Photo: Gentileza Silvina Moschini)

For women we have a chance to try and have no potential, but to be able to have the tennis test to have the opportunity. For that, capitalizing on what he said, he thought he could make a distinction out of what he had in the market, and how he could “push the rules”.

Como no le prestaban la plata para llevar a su empresa a gran escala, debió crear un emprendimiento desde su propia carencia y necesidad. “Pensé en el poder de las masas, haciendo que gente de quualquier parte del mundo -presentandoles la offer of inversion and con digital marketing for masificar el mensaje- permitiera llevar mi compania cue valuation of US $ 1000 millones, give the power to convert in my company to give me the power to exercise”, Explicitly.

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Como romper con la cultura de que las mueres están para ser vistas y no para ser oídas

In the wake of the surge of prime idea, but when it came to the moment of execution, it surpassed the pretensions. “I feel sorry for my wife that she is holding on to and is going to be able to solve all these questions, because she is famous for the syndrome of impostor, who wears the deaths, which is no saber si tenía lo que debía tener para poer hacer algo de verdad grande”.

Silvina Moschini

Incomoda el ékito, incomoda el poder, incomoda el dinero femenino. Because I’m working on the wall of the women to make the costume creation. Go for a walk in the inverter, to create riches.

I need a lot of money, sus fantasmas, sus precondiciones y sobre todas esas cosas que se autoexige la mujer. Debio romper con la cultura “que nos impone durante mucha parte de nuestras vidas, that the women are for us and for us”.

“The passages of the state of the world, the passages of the executive, the passages of all. Because we are acoustomobradas, culturally, to what the desire of the mother in the sea is something that is naturally natural. For those times the exit of the incoming womenit is antipathetic and now we are in an era where we talk about diversity, inclusion, the empowerment of women and, without embargo, the truth that is the final part of the day we have to wait to work to normalize the way out of women y que no digan por algo será ”, evaluó.

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And aggregate: “Incomoda el ékito, incomoda el poder, incomoda el dinero femenino. We come to our missions, we come to the rest. Because I’m working on the wall of the women to make the costume creation. Go for a walk in the inverter, to create riches”.

“It simply came to our notice then. What women expect to think big and what they want only the big companies have a big impacthagan hapan compandías pensando en que van a construir negocios de US $ 1000 millones. Pensar en grande es el lema”, Finally made a message to the women who want to learn and what they want to do.


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