Cuba women’s water polo team from the World Cup for money

El Cuba women’s water polo team will not participate in the Copa Intercontinental Lima, Peru 2022, which will qualify for the Waterpolo World Cup, due to the deportation authorities but not the money to buy the planes.

“We will not participate in the classifier due to the fact that there is no money to pay for the diseases”, said the Institute of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER). el periodista deportivo camagüeyano Félix Anazco on Facebook.

Facebook Félix Anazco

El INDER it was not announced about the cancellation of the participation of Cuba in the event.

“It simply came to our notice then Waterpolo World Cup and Cuba only has the opportunity to win a game to join the group B group. triumphs before the gauchas les daba el pase al magno evento de su deporte “, dijo Anazco.

The event is celebrated in Lima, Peru, on March 7 and 13, in the new water center of Videna, but for the CER athletes from the Cuban athletes, which will be prepared for other future sports events, such as Central American and Panamerican Games.

The Cuban water polo team is training to compete in Lima since October. The event cancellation is confirmed only three days ago to initiate the games.

This, aunque todos los medios officicialistas cubanos lo omitan, deja por el suelo el ánimo de las atletas y sus trenadores que ven cómo se deshacen impunemente los esfuerzos y sacrificios de años de trabajo, por la ineficiencia del Estado.

The sacrifices of training each year, in the fresh waters of the national team, swimming pool and without air conditioning, but the imagination is not a Cuban politician, not a function of INDER.

El trabajo que esos atatas pasan para poder visetar a sus famíalis, viajando en botella por las carreteras para translasladarse a otras provincias, durmiendo en las terminaliles, o simplemente renunciando a ver a sus seres queridos durante meses para poder estar en cado ent valoran los directivos del INDER.

The shortcomings to subsist in the habs in La Habana, with a precarious alimony, when you have special diets to correct your physical income. Nada de eso lo valora el INDER cuando se ahora el dinero de los pasajes que garantizan la posibilidad de ir a un mundial, el mayor sueño de un atleta.

The offices of INDER and all the organizations of the Cuban state of manus of the presupposed with the time of anticipation, podian podan haber indicado antes que no tenian tendionic económicas para asumir los gastos del evento.

These activities include those of the INDER directives that consider the existence of favored disciplines by other authorities, including that there are more opportunities for assisting male teams that are feminine teams in international competencies.

On the other hand, the ACN informed that the selection of the Slovak women from the Polish city of La Habana to train between their local homologues to determine the competencies of the continental classifiers at the World Cup. These competencies are acaban de ser canceladas para las cubanas.


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