club Cerro León de Paraguarí inaugurated better in its stage

La Secretaría Nacional de Deportes (SND) inaugurated the infrastructure of the Sport Cerro León de Paraguarí club stadium. Las obras tuvieron una inversión de G. 1.090.880.304 en el marco del projecto Territorio Deportivo Nacional que lleva adelante la SND.

“Let’s sum up the sports scenarios. In essence, it is a space of the family, the community and the department, a place where the people can play football, so much as deportees, as well as some of the city’s spectacles “, said Fátima Morales, Minister of Sports , during the inaugural act.

Mario Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, took part in the inauguration of the inauguration, together with Fátima Morales, Minister of Sports. In addition, it is based on the presence of national, departmental and local authorities.

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Morales insure that the deporte a person with the community and the country, a person with a misma idea and the dream of believing in compatriots acceding to more and more savings from the practice of competitive, participatory and educational practice, which is mission to hold the front of the Secretariat of Sports.

Por su parte, Vicente Manzoni, president of the club Sport Cerro León, recognized that Gobierno has made a great investment that benefits the deportee of the municipality of Paraguay, which participates in the sports centers that are realized in the place.

“A sum, an investment very important for the club Sport Cerro León. Hay que aclarar que la obra está hecha. It is said that it is a demonstration with hechos and we are very content in the community. Cerro León is a historic place and it is very beautiful to create in the fields for sports. This institution has 106 years of institutional life and 106 years of play in the final of the championship. Salimos vicecampeones, pero hoy, en obras, somos campeones ”, dijo Manzoni.

Óscar Ramírez, President of the Union of Indoor Football, manifested its content with investments in the sports community of the country, demonstrating the real goal of establishing a national sports territory.

“Inducibly, the social role of investing in a destructive infrastructure of this capacity, of this oversight, the social impact that has in the community. It is positive that there is a contribution to the social, education, education, education and development is immediately unbelievable “, said Ramírez.

Aggregate that the major form of public policy is to support sports and football alone. The CIS will be able to support the general government. The sports beaches are innovative properties, they are wonderful projects that motivate all the young people of the different districts of the country. The works include the perimeter mural, local dress, visitor and arbitrators, sex baths, medicine and the maintenance of the existing graders.

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