Casa de Campo eleva el polo dominicano a nivel mundialista

EL NUEVO DIARIO, LA ROMANA. The players of the highest category in the World Cup have been given a chance to participate in the tournaments that were realized in the Dominican Republic.

The last years that the Trujillo family knew the nation of the Polish alcazaba level of history, practiced with a lot of notoriety in the dominant territory and in which the most famous people like Ramfis Trujillo, Porfirio El Rubios and Caliro dominant of history.

The rules of this year are not only in the country, but in the last chandelier he has realized great activities and the best players in the world he has participated in the events that the House of Campo has realized.

The new auge de este deporte, donde el caballo es parte esencial, tiene mucho que agradecer al argentino Fernando Arata, quien desde hace seis años asumió la dirección del Centro Ecuestre de Casa de Campo y desde entonces el polo ha evolucionadoado en el país.

“He had the best to make the best police officers of the world”, said Arata, referring to Juan Martin Nero, David Stirling -pelon-, Cubito Calino, Santito Calino, Adolfo Cambiaso and coach Milo Fernández Araujo, among other greats of this discipline; for the sake of lamenta que el país no haya sacado mejor provecho a estas actividades de la industria equina.

Arata indico que el centro ecuestre está listo para organizar tres grandes torneos en el presente año, actualmente y hasta april se realiza la copa de plata con ocho equipos que estarán participando en las tres canchas de Casa de Campo, cada equipo consta de cuatro jugadores dos dominicanos -amateurs- y dos extranjeros -profesionales- “para que el nivel suba”, según refirió el director ecuestre.

In this case, he presented the best “referee” of the polo world between the cues who will meet Gastón Dorignac and Federico Martelli.

June, July, August and September are the days of the nearby tournament, which will be true.

Las canchas

Arata dijo que las canchas de polo se encuentran entre las prinépales a nivel mundial, equiparándola con la grandeza del Dientes de Perro “Teeth Of the Dog” que está ubicada en el puesto 27 entre los mejores campos de golf del planeta y que también se encuentra in the tourist complex.

The maintenance of the cancha is a great experience, it can be kept in perfect condition, we can change air conditioners and airs, we can use it to use the time to finalize the precipitations.

“The level of technology that I have in the cans is exceptional. They are well-fed, pissed, smoked, fertilized, ”he said. It is also indicative of the condition on the runway “where the cable goes on.”

Currently the center of employment has 33 employees, many of them are employed, many of them are professionally involved in petitioners (persons who have a job in the preparation of the sample) veterinarians, herreros, among other persons with specific activities.

“We have dominated the five petites who are working in the world, we have some people in the United States and other countries in Europe, thank you for loving him in the House of Campo, he is going to the world,” he said. “I have an organ, I have a job as a director and I have a job at the Polo de Campo, but it kills me,” he said.


It is said that in December there were many police stations, which are mainly from the United States to play sports in the country.

This is the day of the Center of the House of the Campo House, a district of 100 tourists in various different activities that can be realized: pony mount, cable car, donkey polo (polo ball game), salts, equipment and polo.

Además de enseñanzas de cómo cuidar y alimentar un equino, así como el processo de herraje. “These things, in conjunction with the facilities of the climate, beach, world location, airport and train, make the House of Campo a unique resort in the vicinity of the equation,” said Arata.

Además de Casa de Campo, in fact, is being played in Sierra Prieta (Santo Domingo Norte), Rapa Polo Club (Sosua), Cap Cana and Club Polo Punta Cana (Punta Cana).

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