Accident of a police officer from Coronel Suarez at the heart of Caballo: it is the state

They are an hour of engagement, entertainment and hope for one of the most traditional Argentine polo families, and specifically of Coronel Suarez. The definition of the turnaround area by General Manuel Belgrano and Tres de Febrero, in the Coronel Suarez Polo Club, is among the teams of Escorihuela Gascón and La Celina, la yegua de Diego Araya rodó y el jugador golpeó fuertemente su cabeza contra el piso, a la vez que el animal le pasó por encima con sus apramimadamente 500 kilos. Fueron moments of tension and desperation, so many of the protagonists as the competition.

Take the first assistants in the song, Araya, from 42 years and 7 handicap goals, fue trasladado al hospital local Dr. Raúl Caccavo, where he resigned in a pharmacological field, once upon a time there was a battery of studios. Trying to find out what kind of impact he had, Araya suggested the formation of a coagulation in the cerebrum, in addition to the fractures of the four cups. Accreditation with medical schools, el polista se encuentra estabilizado and inside the delicate frame will pass a good night, with the intercrane pressure inside the normal parameters and good saturation.

Diego Araya in action

In the middle, to be realized, the median of the local doctors, interconsultas with colleagues from Buenos Aires selling the images of tomography, with the objective of determining whether it is necessary to have an urgent treatment for a complete treatment of the mayor. For the moment, the decision was made to maintain Coronel Suárez hasta tener mayores certezas sobre la evolución del coagulo. In exchange, the most generous generation is the one produced by one of the pulmones, provoked by the fractures of the costumes. Araya respires well, with the help of the information provided.

Apenas conocido el hecho, y tal como obcurriera hace poco más de un año con el caso de Pedrito Heguy, propagandize the cadences of oration in the social networks, between families, friends and allegations of polo, by the consignment “Fuerza Diego Araya!”. A permanent solidarity and ascension.

Like the impact

The accident, which is dominating, was followed by the results of Escorihuela Gascón, in the case of Arasem, and La Celina, where the definition of the tower zone is concerned. Falling 20 seconds after the final of the third chukker, Araya and Ignacio Garrós enter in an action of tomatoes, but the Garrós army of the best army, and he has provoked to provoke the people of Araya to lose the stability and rodera, generating the impact of the game piso.

Diego Araya, 42 years old and 7 years old
Diego Araya, 42 years old and 7 years old

Testimonials from the match in the match: “The accident that happened to Juan Martín Nero in the final of the Palermo Festival is three years old”. The reference is to the action of the entrance between La Dolfina and Ellerstina, in the decision of the Argentine Open of 2019, when Nero is in desarm, without the extreme extreme, in an action of high speed with Nicolás Pieres, of Ellerstina. The back of La Dolfina offers a good night’s sleep, fue reemplazado, volvió a jugar us minutos, y terminó saliendo. Term with a platform fracture.

Casado y con dos hijos, Diego Araya is an integral part of a traditional Argentine polo family, and of Coronel Suarez. Hijo de Horacio Araya, champion of Abierto de Palermo in 1983 playing for Coronel Suarez II, and German of Benjamin, Santiago and José Ignacio Araya, Diego participated in the high weather in our country. Included in 2002 for the fact that the four German Germans were on the turn of the Copa Camara de Diputadosalways representing the Coronel Suarez, the club with more history of the History of Abierto de Palermo, with 26 conquistados (25 of the Coronel Suarez and the rest of the Coronel Suarez II).

Diego Araya (4), junto con sus germanos José Ignacio (1), Santiago (2) y Benjamín (3), cuando jugaron juntos en 2002 la Copa Cámara de Diputados
Diego Araya (4), junto con sus germanos José Ignacio (1), Santiago (2) y Benjamín (3), cuando jugaron juntos en 2002 la Copa Cámara de Diputados

Hace dos temporadas, también fue uno de los integrants del equipo que participó en la clasificación para el Abierto de Palermo tratando de llevar nuevamente a Coronel Suárez a disputar el torneo más importante del mundo. If you are the best club, in the last 21 years only interviewed in two seasons: 2000 and 2006. No pudo ser, pero Diego Araya fue uno de los que intentó llevar a Coronel Suárez a La Catedral. What does it mean to wear this shirt? Lo dijo en 2020: “Jugar para Suárez es una linda responsabilidad. Para el club está bueno y para la gente del pueblo también que podamos volver a presentar a un equipo en la Triple Corona. Ojalá se dé. If we don’t, we’ll take care of everything we want to have a team in Palermo. He won a series of impressive things ”.

A special gift

For the sake of the Araya family, the tour of the Copa General Manuel Belgrano continued and the final goal was over. The champion result RS Murus Sanctus, led by Facundo Sola, which took place at the opening of La Celina on 18-8. The winner, Además de Sola, contacted Tomás Alberdi, Félix Esain and José Araya. In total, the certificate is based on the participation of all 21 and 24 handicap players.

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