Abierto de Palermo: Polito Pieres, the talented and skilled woman who is polite and polite in her dream

Probationfully the sea is the most important place in Palermo. De lo que no hay dudas es que Polito Pieres es, con cinco títulos alrededor del mundo, el jugador del año. There is no comparison with this conquistata, the example of Palermo’s Abbey in its career, which is the central protagonist and in a galactic level of merced an obvious maturation inside the canch that does not allow him to despair.

In the poles of the parties, in the interviews of the past, in the events of rigor, Polito always has a sound to interchange with his interlocutor. The Pope’s Baile with the celebration of the title of the Triple Crown in Hurlingham 2016 with Ellerstina, and this Palermo is not a personal change. You are a complete player.

Polito Pieres festival. On his 35th birthday, he was able to win more
Rodrigo Néspolo – THE NATION

“Always give me a lot of food. Lolo’s trust. It’s a lot. Me eligió, me motivó, me dio la cinta de capitán y me convenció de que se podía. You are very old with this moment. Many times I have been together (from the floor) and I have to share ”, dijo Pieres. “I imagine a lot of applause from the public applause. It’s very hard to lose, but I don’t want to buy the brazos. Toda esta semana la gente me saludaba y me deseaba suerte, me siento querido y uno se alimenta de eso. That’s my job. That’s all thanks to mom and dad. I have something to appreciate when I cry, everyone who loves me. I want everything to happen ”.

“Invert the fact that there is no caballos. A lot, in the middle of covid, a student. Semifundido. And now I have to pay the premium for the final of the final and the premium for the best caballo (Monkey Puzzle)”

Polito Pieres

The 35 years, Pablo Pieres is at the top of his career. It does not have a natural transition, only attributable to the time of the time. The transformation includes determination and a very important sacrificial quota. Cuenta Polito que el año pasado, cuando llegó a La Natividad, tuvo la posibilidad de comprar un campo, pero finalmente empleó ese dinero para reforzar su caballada. One example: for the final of the Queen’s Cup, there was one Irishman’s monkey (Monkey Puzzle), the taste, the shot and the end of the game in the final of the Hurlingham final. And in Palermo!

Pablo Pieres is in the best moment of his career
Pablo Pieres is in the best moment of his careerRodrigo Néspolo – THE NATION

“My banking account is in black”, sue contar, medium in bromine, medium in series. “Everything that I have in store for cables”. For more than the appellation Pieres, do not count with the bonds of having the responsibility of an organization like ours. Nacido en Connecticut, Polito es hijo de Paul Pieres (hermano de Gonzalo) y Florencia Panelo, a quienes no se cansa de agradecer por sus logros.

To improve the chemistry of the team, Polito, ex novio de Calu Rivero y Pampita, it is possible to organize the Cañuelas and install it to live a long time. He is a veteran of a team that has the chicos of 18 and 20 years, además de Ignatius du Plessis (32), pero es uno más.

The metamorphosis of Polito is reflected in everything inside the canoe. When Ellerstina was born in 2015, the cost of her natural position was of a classic style, as well as the one she found in Alegria and she had 10 handicaps. The first year in La Natividad tampoco fue el mejor. The team has no time to find a job.

This year, in exchange, with Pepe Heguy in the technical conductor, Polito intends to be very good with his companions and his role is not limited to converting goals to open the space of Camilo Castagnola, the best player of this Openness, who knows as a great game generator, you can also make a break and give assists.

Polito has agreed on the timing of the US Open 2020 with La Indiana, which is said to have been suspended due to the pandemic and is due to be finalized in February. Luego traveled to Inglaterra and with the UAE team Polo won the Copa de la Reina and the finalist of the Copa de Oro. Antes de venir a la Argentina paso por España y dejó su huella conquistando la Copa de Plata y el subcampeonato en la de Oro representando a Ayala. This is the term of exploration.

Pieres, arriba de su kaballo
Pieres, arriba de su kaballoRodrigo Néspolo – THE NATION

Se trata, en verdad, de la segunda estada de Polito en La Natividad. Debut play in Chapa Uno (in 2009 as a substitute and in 2011 as a title), in the team of Cañuelas de la mano del Lolo Castagnola (Nachi Heguy and Rodrigo Andrade complete the quartet). This is a solo year and in 2013 he passed Alegria, where he was admitted to the final of the Open Day with 10 goals. The December in Ellerstina parecía el paso natural y se produjo dos años más tarde. Sin embargo, pese a ganar tres veces Hurlingham y una Tortugas, en el Abierto terminaban chocando con el Dream Team de La Dolfina y luego de 2018 sus primos optaron por seguir por caminos separados.

Polito accepted the decision with hydration and humility. I want to take a break from Lolo and I can’t take it. Dos años más tarde, está en el momo cumbre de su carrera. I understand the mismo.

Champions!  The Natividad celebró in Palermo
Champions! The Natividad celebró in PalermoRodrigo Néspolo – THE NATION

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