A Polo Team Scientifically unleashed an artificial respirator lasting the pandemic

Durant el transcurso de la pandemia por coronavirus y ante el panorama incierto que se planteaba de la posible escasez de equipos que suplanten la ventilación pulmonar espontánea, un equipo de técnicos de la Secretaría de Ciencia y Tecnología en resorródó Polna Scientific.

Así lo loveló el Secretario de Ciencia y Tecnología, Julio René Aráoz, en contact with Agenfor You can participate in the record included by the Governor Gildo Insfrán, through the plant installations.

The company was accompanied by the title of the Academy of Sciences and Technology Daniel Filmus, with which they reclaimed the new uranium purification plant (NPU) of the Dioxitek SA Company, which was built at the forefront of the Medical Center of Medicine.

“You can see all the advances that will be made during the pandemic, and in this moment you will be able to dedicate yourself to the development of a mechanical fan, as a respirator, because you have a lot to do with your global problem. provision of the teams ”contó Aráoz.

The signal works that “In the south of Argentina we have a great strategy and we have to wait for them, for the opposite, our equipment is more than enough to support the moments of the pandemic”.

The development team – which continues to develop the project – is compiled by the physician Jorge Levinstone, the electronics engineer Daniel Vecchetti, the mechanical engineer Sergio Chávez, the technician Rodrigo Pérez, the industrial designer and industrial designer Di Paola.


Aráoz said as a “hit” that the visit of the Minister of Film with the company of the conventions. “It is a mark that we have the ability to support a series of fields that are planned in conjunction with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) of the Nation, and on the other hand, the convention of the intention card for initiation of construction and posterior puesta in operations of una Bioinsum factory”Summary.

Dijo que esta planta “Tiene destinatarios directos de la akción, que son los pequeños agropecuarios, las 7.800 familias paipperas, con el impacto no solo de mejorar el rendimiento de los cultivos a través de la produkçón de bioinsumos sin ambienar en elien which also has a direct impact on the public health, in addition to the ingestion of food with high nutritional value and quality, which will reduce and often avoid the agricultural problems that are well discussed ”.

Dioxitek SA

Referring to the record of the NPU of Dioxitek SA, commenting on the fact that it has a significant degree of advance and estimates that the culmination will be given in 2024.

El funcionario dijo que la planta chemica sufrió un parate total durante el gobierno de Mauricio Macri y fue necesario resolver diversos asuntos, lo que incluye el litigio con contrastas, para ponerla de nuevo en marcha.

“Medica that will be able to meet the mayor’s commitment to the Argentine Nuclear Plan brand, while announcing the announcement of the construction of a central dentist in Argentina and the climate change agreements that include the countries. Hoy esta tecnología merece una mirada diferente de la que teníamos hace un tempo, ya que se trata de tecnología que no emiten gases de efecto invernadero ”subrayó el titular de Ciencia y Tecnología.

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