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Igualdad en los puestos directivos. A concept of what the world of permanent sports is all about sprint that has protagonized the woman in a sector traditionally dominated by the masculine public. The practice of physical activity has been confirmed by more people, including the number of federated licenses and the guest who will be able to realize an industry in which the Spanish will pay more than 5,000 million euros. El Papel de la mujer en el sector es ya protagonista como deportista profesional i amateur, aunque ese avance todavía no se vea reflejado en terminos de visibilidad i puestos de responsvabilidad.

La brecha no es tan pronunciada cuando se trata de ppractica deportiva. 50.2% of residents in Spain are eligible for a week (by 59.6% of them). El gap He is the mayor of the federation, but he has reduced the number of last years, he represents 23.4% of the licenses, a percentage of which in 2009 is due to 20%.

The mayor practiced sports, but he was associated. In the last decade, the guest in articles and sports services of the men made up 14.5%; the women had 52.7%, 1,700 million euros. Now generate 30% of the Spanish guest in sports, but this year is only 23.8%, which is due to the fact that every woman has a peso in the industry as a consumer. 11% of them expect to buy online sports online in the near future, 7% of them say that they buy products to practice sports, for 9.4% of them, they have a studio realized through the school of business Iese y Veepee.

Pese a todo, los datos de sedentarismo muestran que the women, in all the Franciscans of the analysis, realized my physical activity that the men, with a sedentary media of 44.5%, up from 35.4% of men, according to the European Health Council in Spain. The motive? “Women have less time to realize physical activity through the lack of equipment that exists at the level of a familiar organization; I am constantly in the mayor’s office of the responsible people of the houses and of the children, who have been with me for the time being, ”said Alfonso Jiménez, of the Department of Physical Education and Health at the Center for Sports Studies. Rey Juan Carlos University.

In the case of the representation of the mother in the organs of the volume of decisions in the world of sports, the figures of the last years of arrojan are of irrefutable value: pese a los numerosos avances que ha logrado, la representaçion femenina en las juntas dirección es todavía muy escasa. It also weighs 47.5% of the labor costs in the sports sector, according to the Encysta Población Activa (EPA).

Of the total of 65 sports federations that live in Spain, uniquely, they are presiding over a woman. This is the federation of removal (Asunción Loriente) and the association (Isabel García). This figure represents 3% of the total. El Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD) treats the budget as established and since 2014 the establishment of the norm that the directives will be supported by 33% of women’s representation to support the subsidies that deprive the body. Posteriorly this figure increased by 40%. Entonces, where is the trade? The reality is that from the economic plan of the federations cumplen con los requisitos impuestos por el CSD, pero las mujeres ocupan los puestos majas bajos del organigrama, como los de vocales o secretarias.

This situation is more surprising in the federation’s house than the one you want, but you can be disciplined with a number of female licenses with 73%, which is my representation of women in the country, with 18% . Designing a panoramic view that reflects these data, the reality is that the sports industry has given important importance to the last favorite of the world. Sample of their federations as with ballooning, with a representation of 43%, ballooning, with 40%, or kickboxing with 69%.

Además, a esta lista hay que sumar el nombre de mujeres que han alcanzado la primera lénea ejecutiva, como es el caso de the presidents of SD Eibar and the CD Leganés, Amaia Gorostiza and Victoria Pavón; the director general of Granada CF, Patricia Rodríguez, of Marisol Casado, the only Spanish woman who is a member of the International Olympic Committee (COI) and who, in addition, presided over the International Triathlon Union. Astos rostros hay que sumar también otros como el de Mercedes Coghen, directora adjunta de Adesp; Paula Sira, a new NBA patron saint in Spain, Roser Queraltó, director of the Euroleague, a member of the staff who also wants Abigail Martin, director of sustainability and project development.

LaLiga also has included in its proprietary organization the objective of professionalizing women’s football. As, on the executive committee, with the women in the executive committee, María José López, in the legal field, and Loreto Quintero, on the front of strategic projects. Other three are in the management committee, Cristina Sánchez (brand activation); Olga de la Fuente (foundation) and Eva López (brand and active direction).

You have an ambition in which he gave the giant passages for the sake of discrimination against women in the sports patronage. In the last year of the investment in women’s sports patrons, the most rewarded, of the current information of Nielsen Sports. In 2020, this is a 27% increase, which means that the master of advances that is the largest sector, thanks in part to a mayor’s cover for the middle of the women’s competencies. For this fundamental goal of the 2030 Agenda of Development (ODS) of the 2030 Agenda, which makes it difficult for companies to start training in women’s teams and competencies like the Iberdrola House, Caixabank or Santander.

Without embargo, the patronage of the events of women’s sports in the terminus of despegar is not accompanied by a mayor who is late in the middle of communication. Hay que tener en cuenta que las marcas apuestan por estos deportes, no sólo como parte de su estrategia de responsivebilidad social corporativa, sino también para ganar exposición i cobertura mediática. By the way, the importance of the great groups of communication is to form part of this alliance and to be involved with these initiatives. One of the most important is the acquisition of the Dazn de loch of the Women’s Champions League in 2025, and it offers free YouTube tickets during the first two seasons, as a tool for visibility to compete.

44.5% of Spanish women are in free time of sedentary style

There is one amplia brecha salarial en la deportiva industry, especially in football. Accustomed to the dates of the specialized magazine L.Footbal, the footballer of the best pagoda in 2019 will be the host Alex Morgan, who is currently at a time of 408,000 euros, in front of the best pagoda player, Lionel Messi, with 112 million gross euros. Además, la Global Sex Survey (GSS) reveló que Neymar tiene un salario neto por temporada de 36,5 millones de euros, la misma kantidad conjunta que consiguen las 1,693 jugadoras de la liga francesa, alemana, inglesa, estadounidense, sueca, australiana y mexicana en su conjunto.

For the little one, go to the web OurGoalIsNow, after winning the 2015 Femina World Cup, the players of the United States received 1.6 million euros. Front of this figure is the French team with more than 30 million euros to win the World Cup in Russia in 2018. One of the dates that manifests itself in the design that there is a day of life in the sports industry, weight loss Important advanced advances in the last years. Uno de ellos ha sido en el soccer estadounidense, donde las jugadoras de la Selección han conseguido la igualdad salarial con los jugadores tras acudir a los Tribunales.

Reduce esa brecha salarial depende especialmente del negocio generado por las propiedades deportivas, algo que depende la la cobertura mediática, del seguimiento por parte de los aficionados y del apoyo que den los patrocinadores. For example, Mediapro fue clave in the company of the first convention of the women’s football team in Spain, you can compromise to bring 3.5 million euros for the number of clubs.

In this moment, the players will be able to increase the minimum wage (from 16,000 euros) and increase the share of 75% of the ordinary day, but the salary will not be the main reason, it will be better in the rest of the conditions, during the holidays la cobertura en caso de baja o embarazo. In the WNBA, the negotiations there are based on the economic economy, which is a platform that allows you to create the product and commercial development of the competition, something that can be revived in the game. However, the economic report of the WNBA is similar to that of the NBA: 50% of the incumbents report between jugadors and franchises.

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