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When Ana Delia Velázquez entered more than 20 years ago, Agustín Mercado Reverón, vocalist of the vocational school, was killed in the satanic race of the Camarero Hippodrome, as he lived in the hometown of Puerto Rico.

Adentrarse hacia ese mundo de montar caballos era un “poquito difícil”, según relató, sobre todo para las jockettes —mujeres jinetes— que enfrentaron varios obstáculos.

“Pero, a través de los años, las cosas han ido dando un giro”, composed Velázquez in interview with THE VOCERO with the motif of the International Day of Women.

The account with the actual director of the vocational school of hippies, the integration of women in the distinct areas of the industry has been going on with the mayor.

For example, it is important that you have a teenager or a gallop player, now you have three or four.

“There is a mayor’s integration and more consensus on the part of trainers, dues and hosts of the proprietors’ agents who have the labor of women,” said Velázquez.

Cabe destacar que en el deporte hippico puertorriqueño hay muchas mujeres que han sido piedra angular en la industria.

Además de Velázquez, also a Vice-President of the Executive Committee of the Hippodrome Camarero —María Cristina Mari—, directors —Gladys Maldonado and Emilia Salinas—, therapists, assistants, trainers, paramedics, instructors, trainers, trainers of positions occupied by women.

Between the jackets, Velázquez destacó a Carol Cedeño —la maxima figura de Puerto Rico y ganadora de 1,120 carreras en 8,119 montas, con $ 28.2 millonnes producidos por sus montas activ desde su debut en 2007—, Alondra Maldonado, Andrea Cardinoti Soto and Nicolle Disdier.

“There are a lot of guys who are mounting and variants of trainers who are holding and what they are trying to do,” said the director.

Gzislainy Henriquez, Jannesa Romero, Enidsabel Torres, Mary Maldonado, and comedian, Kiara Cedeño, will be among the most trained trainers.

The men who are her warriors and squadron girls, are the ones who look for more women who like the caballos.

“It is a good intention to be part of the executive directors and administrative administrators to integrate women and all those who believe in the programming of their careers. She is thinking more about the girls. For example, we are here to rehearse the Jockette Challenge, which we are going to play the Day of the Madras, where we can only watch the women and the girls who are going to be able to watch this Classic, ”said Velázquez.

In the first edition of the celebration in 2020, Cindy Soto won the competition.

Carol Cedeño, the reference

For Velázquez, all women who work in the Puerto Rican hippie industry have an inclusive value.

Without embargo, the figure of Carol Cedeño —when actually mounted in the hippodromes of the United States, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware — is “an example of security and emulation for young people who live together.”

Between the jackets, Carol Cedeño is the highest figure of Puerto Rico and the winner of 1,120 squares in 8,119 months, with $ 28.2 million produced by his months since his debut in 2007.> Suministrada

“Like a woman, he made the difference because he was equal to the equal. Le dado un sitial a la mujer en la industria. It is very respectful, valorad and buscada. She lives in different racetracks and mounts; the buscan. She is a precedent and the girls are motivated and emulated by the people “, Puntualizó Velázquez.

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